Friday, December 23, 2016

Europe: Finningly, England

When we arrived in England the lady at customs drilled us about anything and everything!
Alex, Claire, and Joshua picked us up and brought us to Claire's house in Finningly. 
Alex is Victoria's friend who she met in the Netherlands and her little brother is Joshua.
Claire is a family friend who has the cutest guest house that we stayed in. 
Whitney and I got a much needed nap when we arrived.
I woke up and hung out with Jaime and Claire until Victoria and Alex got back.
Jaime is one of the greatest guys I've met!
He's so funny and such a sweetheart.

Afterwards, Jaime and Claire made us take shots with them we walked to Alex's house to meet her family. Her family included Joshua, her sister Abbi, her mom Lisa, and we met her step-dad John a little later. We then piled in Alex;s tiny Fiat and went to Harvey Arms, the local pub, for Pub Quiz and Holiday Song Bingo. It was the warmest feeling pub and we got free appetizers even though we sucked at all the games.

The next day we went back to Alex's house, where she made us Yorkshire tea and Josh wanted us to play games with him. Abbi's friend Amelia joined us, because we needed two cars in order for all of us to make it to Doncaster. Amelia look like a typical Essex girl and was so funny! We had Indian food for lunch and bought outfits for New Years Eve. Back at Alex's house we wrapped gifts, watched a British comedy show, played heads up(Whitney's suitcase got dubbed the giant purple humorous thing during this game), and ate pizza. It was a nice welcome to England.

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