Saturday, December 24, 2016

Europe: Leeds, England

The next day we met Alex at the bus stop and got to sit in the front seat on the top of the double decker bus(aka: we were front of the bus wankers). I don't think I'll ever get use to driving on the opposite side of the road! We then had to catch the train heading to Leeds.
Leeds was my first big European city that I got to explore and it didn't disappoint!
We went to a few thrift stores, had lunch at Wetherspoons (Spoons), and walked around the outdoor mall, which wasn't like a mall at all. I also got to see my first red telephone booth!

We then met up with Alex's dad, step-mom, and half-sister Millie. Millie told us that she doesn't want to turn 10 or 11, because she doesn't want to get the "boobs". I almost died when she said that. We went to a bar that opened in the 1700s and had yummy ciders! England has the best ciders by the way. I feel in love with Old Mout Ciders, especially the Kiwi and Lime one! 

After saying goodbye to Alex's family we went to the Alchemist, which is a fancy cocktail bar.
My drink was made in a round-bottom flask, heated up on a bunsen burner, and dry ice made it steam up. It tasted good on top of looking cool!

On the bus back to Finningly we met some Mormon ministries from Utah. I was tempted to ask if they have seen The Book of Mormon on Broadway, but I didn't. 
Leeds was a fun city and I'm glad I got to experience it!
The day wasn't over yet though...

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