Thursday, December 29, 2016

Europe: Manchester, England

We woke up surprisingly early and Lisa picked us up at the house.
She offered to drive us to the train station in Doncaster for we didn't have to take the bus. 
She kept bringing up how much fun she had with us and how well we fit in with her friends and family. When we got on the train there were no free seats! When we tried to sit down an Asian couple told us they had reserved those seats so we had to go back to standing. 

When we arrived in Manchester we found a cute cafe with wifi.
We had to find out how close we were to some of the places we wanted to see.
The one downside to traveling abroad is that your phone doesn't work unless you have wifi or pay a ridiculous amount on an international card. We should really learn how to read good ole' fashioned maps and go old school. 
Travel tip: Download google maps for that exact reason mentioned above. You can download a map of the city beforehand and it works without needing wifi. It makes your life so much easier!

Our first big stop was Affleck's, which is a giant indoor market that has alternative and quirky shops.
It's a hipsters mall essentially!
The place was like a giant maze with the funkiest stories and the walls were all painted with crazy things. I felt like I had gone back in time to the 80's grunge scene.
I highly recommend checking it out if you ever find yourself in Manchester!

We then walked to Manchester's Gay Village on Canal Street.
It's more of a night scene so not many places were open, but there were some cool things to see. 
Victoria and I also stumble upon China Towns almost everywhere we travel and Manchester was no exception.

We randomly came across Manchester Town Hall, which was a beautiful building!
The architecture in Europe is unbelievable. 

We ate at a hipster BBQ place and our waitress just happened to be from Los Angeles.
She was really sweet to us and said it was nice to hear American accents. 
She suggested we head back to the Northern Quarter to get a drink. 
The bar we stopped at was really cozy, but the drinks weren't that great. 

Abbi and Alex picked us up at the train station in Doncaster.
We stopped at a grocery store to get food, because we were starving. 
After we finished packing our stuff, we went inside to hang out with Jaime and Claire.
Claire was so hungover!
We watched The InBetweeners, which is a British comedy show to end our day.

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