Sunday, December 25, 2016

Europe: Night out in Doncaster

After our day in Leeds we got ready for our night out in Doncaster.
All the adults were warning us about how sketchy the clubs in Doncaster are.
Jamie and Claire(the people who were letting us stay in their guest house) were having a Christmas Eve Eve party. They kept coming to bring us shots as we were getting ready! We finally joined the party only to find their friend Baz running around in a mankini. Further proof that even if you're an adult you can still have a good time. 

We partied with them, until our cab arrived to take us to Doncaster.
We were already so drunk!
Alex, Abbi, Victoria, Whitney, and I all piled into the cab.
Victoria and I kept calling Alex and Abbi's mom a MILF as she walked back into the house. 
The first club we went to was called Frank & Steins. 
They were playing Christmas music!
At one point Victoria and I found ourselves in a bathroom stall talking for 30 minutes. When we reunited with the group everyone was so worried about where we had been. So we lied and said that we had also been looking for them the entire time. Oops. 

The next club we went to was called Kooke's and it had two venues inside. 
They had these giant plastic beakers filled with shots so we all bought one. 
We danced our butts off, made numerous trips to the bathroom, and hunted down so many cigarettes in the smoking area. 
Whitney got so drunk and almost started a fight with a random guy. 
Abbi ended up puking in the middle of the dance floor, got kicked out, and somehow made her way back inside after recovering. We were all hot messes having the time of our lives.

At 4am we finally decided to get a cab and head home.
Amelia was running around without shoes on and ended up cutting her foot.
It took forever to find a cab and I was so thankful when we finally did!

We did run into a lot of sketchy guys and there was cocaine everywhere, but besides that we didn't find Doncaster to be that bad. We had a ton of fun and everyone was getting along so well. It was one of my favorite nights!

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