Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Europe:Journey across the pond

It's time for Europe, baby!
Brennan and I woke up early to grab coffee with my friend Shannon and to watch the new Star Wars movie, before I headed home to finish packing. My dad and sister drove me to the airport and my mom came a little later to say goodbye. Whitney's suitcase was the largest suitcase I have ever seen in my life. I could have fit in it comfortably and saved on airfare! Whitney and I checked our luggage, said our goodbyes, and went to catch our flight. 
The flight to Minneapolis was short and our layover wasn't long at all.
Our seats on the plane to Amsterdam were awful! 
We were in the middle seats in the middle row with four seats and our seat neighbors were not talkative.
It was the longest seven hours of my life and I felt a cold coming on. 
We arrived in Amsterdam at 10:30am (3:30am Green Bay time).
Seeing Victoria walk up to us made me so happy!
I couldn't hold myself back and ran up to hug her.
We then re-checked our bags, which involved getting into the wrong line twice. 
Our plane to England got delayed so we got some pizza and caught up for a bit 
Whitney and I passed out before our flight to England even took off.

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Elisebeth Rodriguez said...

What airline did you fly for this leg of the trip? Trevor + I are planning our Europe trip and actually will be doing MSP to Amsterdam...