Thursday, December 1, 2016

Third Semester Clinical

I have three weeks left of the "hardest" semester in nursing school. It has been challenging, but I haven't found it to be more difficult compared to previous semesters. Someday's at clinical I feel like an actual nurse and other days I feel like I'm just faking it.

I really like my clinical instructor this semester. Her name is Kayla and she is a critical care nurse. She intimidates me like no other, but I have learned a lot and she's a kick-ass nurse. Unfortunately, I apparently suck at hiding the fact that she terrifies me. She once flat out asked if I was scared of her and as I stumbled through my answer she just laughed. She likes to give me shit about it, which actually has made her less intimidating. So if that was her plan she has succeeded!  I'll be happy if I end up half the nurse that she is.

This past week I had a patient who was an overall nice guy, but was constantly making inappropriate comments. Here are just a few examples:

Scenario 1:
Kayla: Is there anything we can help you with before we leave?
Patient: I could use a happy ending from you two if you know what a mean.

Scenario 2:
Patient: I might be a little busy later, but I'll put a sock on the door to warn you not to come in...unless you want to watch.

Scenario 3:
Patient: I took a picture of my surgical wound if you want to see it. (hands phone to Kayla)
Kayla: Sure! (grabs phone) Do you have more than one picture?
Patient: Yep! If you scroll too far you might get a surprise though.

He's definitely going to be a memorable patient. Kayla and I were dying of laughter during post-clinical when telling the group about our experience with him. I was getting sick of the typical med/surg patients with their hip or knee replacements. So I really can't complain.

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