Thursday, January 5, 2017

Europe: Amsterdam with Whitney

Whitney wanted to visit Amsterdam again and I agreed to go with her,
We hit the snooze button so many times, but eventually made it out!
Our first destination was the I Amsterdam sign and we attempted to get a picture near it.
The area was packed full of people!
We saw the Rijksmuseum and walked through the tunnel.

We hit up a few vintage stores and of course H&M. 
We had to go to the famous Bulldog Coffeeshop for space cakes.
We then walked to the Anne Frank house, but the line was so long and we decided not to go. Buy tickets online people!
We walked the streets for a while and stopped at random stores like The Duck Store.

There are a lot of beautiful buildings in Amsterdam!
We had dinner at Mazzo and treated ourselves to a glass of wine.
We bought Victoria a penis shaped lighter, which has turned out to be a wonderful purchase!
I had to buy a hat to replace my lost one and Whitney spent over 200 euros on two pairs of shoes. 

Our last stop was the Red Light District.
We knew we had found the right spot when a girl with a full face of make-up walked into one of the doors wearing sweatpants. She must have just arrived for work!
Overall, it was an interesting experience.
The area is packed with tourists and it is a really clean area.
There were a ton of swans swimming in the canals!
We just happened to stumble upon the train station without our phones, which was great!
At the platform, we couldn't figure out the right train, but eventually just decided to get on a train and hope for the best. We thankfully picked the right one! Back in Den Haag, Whitney packed and I watched Netflix. Soon Ted and Victoria picked us up and brought us to Ginnie's room. We sat on Ginnie's windowsill and kept taking pictures with Victoria's penis lighter. A few people went on a joint run and Victoria and I stayed back and listened to music. We stayed for a while, before heading back to the Student Hotel where I got to meet the security guard Gary! I was so excited to eat my leftover pizza and opened the fridge to find that Whitney had ate it! Besides that I had a wonderful day.

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