Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Europe: Anne Frank House

We slept until noon, before making our way to the Anne Frank House.
A nice old lady gave us great directions and was so helpful!

The tour was an emotional experience and I get teary eyed at a few parts. 
I highly suggest going to visit if you're ever in Amsterdam!
Just buy tickets ahead of time for you are guaranteed a spot. 
Brennan requested that we go to the Duck Store that I spotted the last time I was in Amsterdam.
Apparently, his dad has a collection of rubber duckies. 

We had crepes at a cute cafe, but were still hungry so we stopped at a place called Melly's for a panini. We decided to finish up our souvenir shopping, because we had run out of places to buy our family members stuff. Afterwards, we we stopped at a bar to drink our last La Chouffe, which turned into many more beers and shots. Brennan got to experience a drop shot, which Victoria introduced me to back in Den Haag. We were so drunk leaving that bar and decided to stop at Poshmark, which was six stories high, plus a basement. Our drunk selves decided to go on a shopping spree. After having pasta for dinner we headed back to the airbnb to pack. On our way some tourists asked us for directions and Brennan read google maps wrong and sent them the wrong way. 

Back at the airbnb we struggled unlocking the door again. This was the second time we couldn't figure it out and Frank had to come to our rescue again. He thought it was hysterical that we couldn't figure it out. I felt so sad packing up my belongings knowing that my adventure was almost over. 

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