Monday, January 23, 2017

Europe: Back to Amsterdam

Brennan turned 26 on the bus ride to Amsterdam! I think we were still in Denmark, but we could have been in Germany. I made sure to get off the bus in Germany just to be able to say that I have stepped foot in Germany. Technically, Brennan got to spend his birthday in three different countries!
We got to Amsterdam around 10am, caught a train to Central station, and got on Tram 5 to head over to our airbnb. It felt weird to be back in Amsterdam, especially because I was with a completely different person this time around.
When Brennan went to ask the driver about the right stop he was no help! He actually made fun of Brennan and we ended up missing our stop. The guy said something in dutch and everyone on the bus laughed. I felt a little bad for him. When we decided to get off the tram door shut before Brennan got off. I was left standing on the platform alone with no way to contact him without finding wifi. I got on the right tram heading to the museumplein stop, which was the last place we had talking about going to.  Thankfully we reunited 20 minutes later to catch the 12 tram to our airbnb.

Our airbnb hosts name was Frank. He was a really friendly guy that had crazy hair and didn't speak english very well. He was such a character! He suggested that we eat brunch at Omelegg, which was a great suggestion. They had all kinds of unique omelettes. We then walked to the Como Museum where we saw the Banksy and Deli exhibits. We spent most of the time watching a documentary about Banksy's time in NYC. 

The IAmsterdam sign was near the museum and I made Brennan stand in front of it for a picture.
Our next stop was Vondelpark, which was beautiful! I loved the houses surrounding the park as well. After our walk we grabbed a slice of pizza and walked to the original Bulldog Coffeeshop where we got Brennan's first space cake.

Our next stop was the Red Light District!
We went to the Museum of Prostitution where I actually learned a lot. 
We stopped for a beer at a pub and an old man bought us another round just for the hell of it. 
We walked into a sex store just because and the guy working asked us to leave for no reason! We were so confused.

We got gelato, which was not as good as the gelato in Italy.
We then went to a live sex show, which was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. We pretty much spent an hour of our lives watching people have sex or seeing girls dance on a pole. Anytime they asked for a volunteer I would try and convince Brennan to participate. One stripper insisted that the both of us go on stage and wouldn't take no for an answer! She also got another couple to join us and they just happened to be from Wisconsin as well. We had to individually dance with the stripper, which was embarrassing, because I can't dance. She then put a banana right up to her crotch and we all had to take a bite from it. It was definitely an interesting experience. After downing our Jack and Cokes we left and got burgers. I was feeling so good and I couldn't stop staring at Brennan and laughing at everything he was doing. I somehow got us back home that night and I'm not exactly sure how.

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