Friday, January 6, 2017

Europe: Biking around Den Haag and a broken elevator

We took Whitney to the train station early in the morning.
It was sad to say goodbye and felt like the end of another part of the journey.
I decided to rent a bike for the day so I could travel like a local.
Victoria and I struggled to get my bike seat up and had to ask for help so many times. It was really embarrassing, because they made it seem so easy!
Ted gave us the address to an Indian Restaurant that ended up being closed. 
So Victoria and I ate burgers at small restaurant. We couldn't read the menu and just pointed at something on the menu. We lucked out with our picks! We then met up with Ted at a cafe called Filtro. We went past a vintage clothing store on the way to meet Ted and suggested that we go to it when we left Filtro. Ted said that it wasn't that great, but we went anyways and all ended up buying something! Victoria and I got really nice scarves. 

We then biked to a Book Market and saw a small protest, but we couldn't read the signs/
On our way to the camera shop we passed a pop-up poetry booth and Victoria got a poem written about her. Back at Ted and Nicolette's we smoked and drank a lot. Ted bought ink and needles and was offering up stick-n-poke tattoo's. Victoria got a smiley face the day before and Ginnie her first tattoo...a circle. We then ordered a ton of Italian food and picked up more alcohol.
After dinner we introduced the group to Fuck Pyramid, which everyone made way more complicated than it had to be, but everyone ended up loving it! Victoria and I ended up chugging an entire bottle of wine. Philip then pulled out a bottle of Limocello that he brought from Italy. Euan poured us all double shots, which was an awful idea. Nin puked right after taking it and I cleaned it up. We then decided to walk to Billy's, which is a bar that the group likes to invade. In the elevator, all eight of us started to dance and broke the elevator. It shook and then the doors wouldn't open. We were all freaking out and were about to call the emergency number! Someone tried opening the elevator doors, got those opened, then opened up another set of doors that freed us! We were about 2 feet from the first floor so we all jumped out and walked away like nothing happened.

At Billy's we ordered beers and watched some guys play pool. Victoria and all of her friends were getting sappy outside, but Philip stayed behind and was hanging out with me. I got introduced to drop shots and ended up stealing my new favorite sweater from the floor of the bar!. Euan got so drunk and Ted brought him back home. We all soon followed. My stomach was cramping like no other and I couldn't get off the bench for the longest time. The majority of the group had puked at some point after the Limoncello shots. Victoria and I biked home, which was not fun while being drunk and feeling like shit. Damn Limoncello. 

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