Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Europe: Brussels, Belgium

We woke up at 6am to catch our Flix bus to Belgium. We were all exhausted and passed out for the majority of our three bus ride. There was snow on the ground when we arrived and it was cold. We had to walk a bit to get out of the business district. We stopped for breakfast and to warm up at a little cafe. 

 After Breakfast we walked into the city center, which was one of the most beautiful places I've  seen!
It is a giant square surrounded by the most amazing buildings with different kinds of architectural design. It was pretty amazing and pictures don't do it justice!

We then went looking for the Pissing Boy fountain, which was not that impressive for how hyped up it as. The locals love it though and tourists flock to it. It plays a full part in the city’s annual calendar and even has an outfit for every occasion. I accidentally stepped on a fellow tourists foot and she made the biggest fuss about it! It was kinda funny.
Brussels has a lot of graffiti with matching themes.
The graffiti was all over the city and fun to see.
We stopped inside a small church and had pasta for lunch.
We then walked 40 minutes to our hostel to check in.
On our walk we saw The Royal Palace!

We took a much needed nap at the hostel.
When we got up we played pool at the hostel and had a few beers before heading out again.
We wanted to find a place close by to drink at, but it was nearly impossible!
I even stopped at the lobby of a hotel to ask about places nearby to drink.
Eventually we found ourselves back in the city center!
We got Belgium waffles! They were fantastic.  We also listened to an Italian street performer sing and play a ton of instruments at once. He was so talented! He had a tambourine on his foot and a cymbal hanging from his guitar on a string. We walked past an old couple making out in the window of a bar and decided that we should get a drink there. They were all over each other! We sat right next to a fire place and hung out for a bit. 

Our next stop was Delirium, which is a really popular bar in an alley way.
The place was packed with people and there were hundreds of beers to chose from!
We only picked beers that were 10.5% alcohol content or more, which was not a very smart idea. 

While ordering a weird guy came up to Victoria, called her beautiful, and then asked her to buy HIM a beer. We proceeded to ignore him and I put my arm around Victoria. We walked back to our table and Victoria wanted to go outside and smoke. When she started walking up the stairs the creepy guy tried to follow her and I followed him. He turned around when I saw me behind him. While outside with Victoria we met a girl from Turkey.  We told her about the creepy guy and she told us to tell him that "he needs to go away, because he is just a man." When we told her about our weird experience with guys during New Years Eve she told us we should have killed them. She has such great advice!

Back inside we met two Asian guys from San Francisco, a group of guys from Croatia, and the group next to our table were from Venezuela. We really hit it off with the group from Venezuela and danced with them. Victoria and I continued with our lesbian story we created for creepy guy and ran with it for the rest of the night. At one point, the entire bar was watching our group dance. Those beers fucked with us. 

 Outside we just happened to meet a real lesbian couple from somewhere in South America. 
We all loved each other and kept only wanting to take pictures together, because lesbians need to stick together. Our lesbian story had gotten so ridiculous at this point, but we kept going. I did end up with pictures of a lot of people, but I'm not exactly sure what we talked about and why we posed for pictures together.

 At some point Whitney made the decision to drag our butts back to the hostel.
We made it around the corner, when Victoria decided she needed to pee and so did I.
We peed right in the alley way, because we are classy ladies. Victoria couldn't get her pants back up and cried, while I died of laughter and attempted to help her. We found a pile of snow and decided to have a snowball fight. I'm pretty sure the snow was the farthest thing from clean. I tried to fix all the things that were knocked down and Victoria tried to dance on every pole we walked past. We were a shit show.

 Back at the hostel we started talking to the hostel workers. We were so drunk already, yet they brought us out free beer. Victoria kept falling asleep mid-sentence so I decided it was time to head to bed. I could barely get her up the steps and when I finally got her to our room our fellow roommates were not thrilled with the noise. In our defense, one guy was coughing the entire night and kept us up and Victoria let one of them use her lighter.

 We woke up early to catch our bus back home. We got ready in the dark and I forgot my red winter hat! We tried to GPS our bus station, but the GPS stopped working. We had only 20 minutes before our bus was set to leave. We tried going in a cafe to ask for directions, but oddly there was no one working and an old man who didn't drink English sipping his coffee and reading the paper. Back outside we asked a lady for directions and she told us to take the city bus. We just happened to be near the right bus stop and the bus picked us up 5 minutes later. We had 15 minutes to get to the station and find our bus. We arrived with 5 minutes to spare, but couldn't find the right bus! We talked to two guys who were going to Rotterdam, but they had disappeared on us. We watched a bus driver park in the middle of the street and block traffic. We were out of time and still hadn't found the right bus, when all of a sudden one of the guys from before ran up to us and said that he had found our bus and it was around the block! We all sprinted and actually got on the bus! There are good people in the world! We once again slept all the way back. We were hungover and so thirsty the entire time! I was so happy when we finally arrived back in Den Haag! I honestly thought we were going to miss our bus and be stuck in Brussels. We had Pad Thai for dinner and took the Tram to Ted and Nicolette's. We watched The Mask and had a low key night after the crazy morning we had.

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