Saturday, January 21, 2017

Europe: Copenhagen and the Women's March

I introduced Brennan to fried egg sandwiches with cheese for breakfast.  We also got to meet Fredrick while we were eating and he gave us some suggestions on places to see. We hopped on the tram and our first stop was Decor a cool vintage store that had a lot of different costumes. 
Our next stop was Nyhaun, which is where all the brightly colored houses near the canal are located. They are all over postcards showing Denmark!
On our way to the Women's March we ran across the changing of the guard ceremony and watched that for a while.

We also came across Kastellet, which is one of the best preserved star fortresses in Northern Europe. It is constructed in the form of a pentagram. We walked on the pathways on top of the fortress hills and I got to see a windmill close up! It was a really cool unexpected find.

On our walk to the US embassy we started to groups of people with signs. We just happened to be next to two people from Wisconsin! We got to the US embassy and there were so many people! 
I felt so unbelievably happy to see so many people coming together for each other. 

There were some great really great signs, we all participated in the chants, and there were some amazing speakers before we marched! You could feel the energy from this crowd. We were suppose to follow all the traffic stops, but that turned out almost impossible for 5000 people. We held up a lot of traffic. 

It took us almost an hour to march to the Parliament building. We all gathered together to hear more speakers and listened to a band that wrote a song about getting rid of the trumpet aka trump. It was surprisingly good. My favorite line was "Build the wall ten feet higher and your hands will look even smaller." I wasn't even in America and people were protesting Trump.

I felt so alive at this march. I have always had a desire to be a part of a march/protest that meant something to me and I finally get to say that I did! I got to participate in a historic event. The only good thing about Trump getting elected is how fired up he is making people feel about important issues that he clearly doesn't care about. 

Afterwards, we decided to look for food, but got distracted by the observatory. We walked all the way to the top. Unfortunately, it was foggy so the view wasn't the greatest. At the observatory they had the Museum of Broken Relationships, which we didn't even know was in Copenhagen! People donated items that reminded them of past relationships and told the story about them. It really tugged at your heart strings.

We still hadn't found food so the search for food continued. 
I finally gave in and ate at a Falafel place. We then walked around some more and picked up a few souvenirs for our family members, before walking past a movie theater. We decided to share a slice of chocolate cake at a cafe, before going to see the movie Manchester by the Sea. Brennan fell asleep, but I thought it was a decent movie. 

On the tram back to our house a girl got pick pocketed and called out the guy.
She even stuck her hand inside the guys pocket before they left the tram. She started to cry and a random women comforted her. They only got away with her sunglasses. I wish I had noticed while it was taking place, but everything happened so fast. We ran into Fredrick again at the house and talked with him for a bit before going to bed. 

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