Friday, January 20, 2017

Europe: Copenhagen, Denmark

Anna drove us to the train station where we had a quick breakfast at Espresso house, before saying our goodbyes.Our train ride was only an hour and a half long. We arrived around noon and couldn't check into our AirBnB until 4pm. We walked to a "small" castle called the Rosenburg Castle, which belonged to Christian IV. We sat in the garden for a bit talking before wandering around the city.

We saw a few military members marching down the street. 
We windowed shopped for a while and stopped for a smoothie before buying our tram ticket. 
Our airbnb was only a short walk from the station. We went a bit early, but luckily Morten arrived home just as we walked by and waved us over. Our airbnb was in a family of five's basement, which had a really nice bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. A med student named Fredrick was staying in the other room near us. We dropped off our stuff and headed back to the city center. 

We hit up another H&M, saw the City Hall, and Tivoli Gardens.
For dinner we had wok before going on a search for a cool bar.
We went to a place called Zeppelin, which was a rock music bar. We ordered two Dark and Stormy's and found out a band was going to be playing later on.

We finished our drinks and decided to run to the grocery store to buy tooth paste, before the start of the band. That made me feel old. Back at the bar we ordered more drinks and got some nasty wine for free. I attempted to get Brennan to drink mine, but he wouldn't!
The band was like indie techno. We spotted a nun taking in the show and hanging out. It was really funny. After the show we went on a search for more food. We stopped at a 7/11 and when I was looking at the pasta salads Brennan thought I didn't know what a sun dried tomato was and tried to explain it to me. I burst out laughing and asked if he really thought I was dumb enough to need a sun dried tomato explained to me. It made jokes about tomato's the rest of the trip. I didn't end up getting the pasta salad and instead we stopped at a grocery store to buy breakfast supplies and a salad.

Back at the airbnb we took showers and I watched an episode of Downton Abbey before heading to bed. Fun fact: The netflix in Europe has Downton Abbey, but not the one in America.

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