Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Europe: Day After New Years

The day after New Years Eve we slept in and hung out around the Student Hotel. We cooked chicken pesto and played pool. Whitney was so hungover and spent the majority of the day dying. Victoria, Clair, and I took the tram to Ted and Nicolettes, but they hadn't arrived yet. So we walked around Den Haag for a bit before running into Ted and his family.

At the apartment I met Nicolette and Philip's Grandma who can only speak Greek. Nicolette thankfully speaks Greek and was the one communicating between us all. Philip's Grandma kept offering everyone food. When Nin arrived we were all on the balcony and Philip's Grandma was the one who opened the door. Nin ended up getting the door slammed in her face, because she couldn't communicate with her. When Nin called and told us what happened we all died of laughter.

We then walked to Grote Markt to have a few beers with Ted's family. We had one of those conversations that fuck with your mind, because you start over analyzing everything. It was a good low key night with the group!

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