Thursday, January 12, 2017

Europe: Geneva, Switzerland has a big chair

I had the worst nights sleep. My foot started cramping in the middle of the night and it felt that way for hours. I thought I had broken my foot or strained my muscle. An ibuprofen thankfully helped relax it, but it was still a bit sore when I woke up for the day. Everyone was so hungover and sore! That ride from the previous ride had beat us all up! It was an awful reminder that we are all getting old. After breakfast the group split up and went to see different things.

Nic, Ginnie, Nin, Alex, Victoria, and I found a bus that would take us the The Broken Chair and the United Nations. We started walking the wrong way at first and barely missed the bus once we got to the stop. We finally got to the giant broken chair, took a picture, and decided to go find something to drink. We hopped back on the bus and when Alex pointed out an Irish pub we all hesitated to stand up when the bus stopped. At the last second we decided to just go for it. Three people made it out of the bus before the doors closed. The three of us left on the bus panicked and started pressing all the buttons we could find. We probably looked ridiculous to the other passengers. The bus drove about ten feet before stopping and letting us out. We were so relieved!

We walked to Charley O'Neills for drinks. I tried Mull Wine for the first time and it was pretty good. The other half of the group soon joined us for drinks. After a few rounds we decided to find a place to eat. We couldn't find any place that was large enough to accommodate our large group so we settled for odds and ends at the grocery store. I bought my parents really good Swiss chocolate as well!

Back at home I was doing the dishes when all of a sudden I saw Brennan out of the corner of my eye!
I was so excited to see him!
His plane had gotten delayed by a day and a half, because of the weather back in the States and I had no idea when he would be arriving. He arrived just in time for the beer funnel and Victoria insisted that he join in on the fun. He was introduced to everyone including Debra. Victoria forced him into a room to have a heart to heart. My drunk self remembered that my phone was connected to the speaker that I left in that exact room. I created a lovely play list for their talk. 

Alex and Clair both walked in on Brennan butt ass naked within 5 seconds of each other, which I found hilarious. Alex and I couldn't stop laughing about it. I sat out on the porch with Victoria, Ted, and Clair for a while. When we walked back inside we heard a knock on the door. Alex and I went to hide in the bathroom, because we thought it was the angry Asian guy again. It was the Swiss police and they were there because of a noise complaint. Clair was the one who opened the door and dealt with them. After that ordeal I decided it was time for me to go to bed. 

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