Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Europe: Geneva, Switzerland

Almost all of the houses in Geneva have built in black out curtains! It is heavenly. The guys made us breakfast and then we ventured out. You could see the giant water spout/fountain from a distance so we just followed that. Geneva is probably one of the most beautiful cities that I've seen! The water is blue and clear and the buildings make me feel like I'm in a fairy tale. The only bad part about Switzerland are the prices! McDonald's was selling $11 Big Macs and Starbucks wasn't much better.

 We made our way to the Jet d'Eau, which is a large fountain in Geneva. The maximum height of water jet is about 460 ft above water level. We were pretty wet after walking next to it. There were a lot of swans swimming around as well. They are so pretty, but are so mean!

We walked around the city and took in all the sites. We walked up so many stairs! We passed The International Monument to the Reformation, which is usually known as the Reformation Wall.
We had a snowball fight in the park and walked past a bunch of little kids ice skating.

We stumbled upon an outdoor winter carnival.
We walked throughout it and stopped to watch a couple kids on one of the craziest rides I've seen. 
It's a ride that you can stand or sit down on and it spins. 
Once it starts spinning you need to hold on for dear life, because gravity pulls on you and you could end up being thrown around on the ground. It is almost impossible to get off the ground once you end up there. Your body is like a rag doll. We were having the best of time watching people get flung all over the place. 

Our group reunited and we decided to find an affordable place to eat dinner.
After dinner we wanted to introduce everyone to the ride we had found at the fair!
A few people in the group decided to try it out and when no one barfed the rest of us joined in on the fun.
It was a blast! I felt like I was in a movie. Mambo #5 was playing, all I could see were flashes of colored lights, bodies rolling around, and people laughing. I couldn't stop laughing as I holding on for my life. Ginnie got flung from her seat and took out another girl attempted to stand up. While still be seated I was being pulled towards another couple sitting close by and I couldn't stop my body from moving! All of a sudden a girl came flying towards my legs and pinned them against the seat, which kept me in place! We got off that ride in the best mood.

On our walk home we stopped at an art gallery and Ted almost sat on the "art", which was on the floor. It looked like black mats. When we got back home we started drinking again. I played the card game "ride the bus" and had to drink so much! Debra also made an appearance and gave Victoria the most entertaining lap dance that lasted 7 minutes. Clair captured it all on camera.

After a few hours of drinking we decided to hop the fence outside and go to the park. On our way downstairs an Asian guy chased us down the steps and yelled at us for being loud. He was so mad at us! We hopped the fence and drank under the playground equipment. We were getting really loud so we decided to go find a bar. 

The walk to the bar was a shit show. Ginnie and Nic were walking extremely slow and kept stopping to hug each other. I was getting so annoyed. Euan and I played a game of "futbol" with a plastic bottle and I ended up falling and scrapping my hand. Someone found a giant Christmas tree and kept throwing it at people. When we got close to the bar four cop cars kept circling us. We arrived at the bar and found out it was closed. Victoria and I vented our frustrations on the walk back. It was just a random night with some many drunk shenanigans!

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