Friday, January 13, 2017

Europe: Geneva, Switzlerand to Milan, Italy

Brennan and I had to wake up early to walk to the bus station. I attempted to show him as much of Geneva as I could on our walk in the dark. We didn't have to wait long to get on our bus and were soon on our way. Brennan and I each had two seats to ourselves, which was great! On our drive through the Swiss Alps, French Alps, and Italian Alps there was off course a snow storm. I did not think our bus was going to make it. It was a beautiful site, but terrifying at the same time. 

I was so relieved when we finally arrived in a snow less Milan!
Our bus stop was miles from our hostel and we couldn't figure out the public transportation
So we walked a few miles, before I insisted that we figure out a different way.
Walking around with all your belongings on your back is not fun.
We did get to see some really cool graffiti though!
I got really excited when I saw a McDonald's and thought that we could get free wifi, but of course it required the ability to receive text messages in order to access the wifi. 
I finally figured out the bus system and hopped on it without paying, because I didn't want to figure that out as well. 
We finally arrived at the Atmos Hostel and found this sign.
Italy did not want to make our arrival easy!
 Eventually we got checked in and the place was really cool.
We got a room that we shared with three other people.
The person at the front desk attempted to give us suggestions on places to eat, but every place seemed to be closed until 7pm. Italians like to eat late! I was starving so we settled on an African themed restaurant and the owner barely knew any English. It was fun attempting to order food. We did have our first glass of wine in Italy along with our chicken and rice. 

After dinner, we walked to a bar and I introduced Brennan to La Chouffe.
We had a few drinks, before heading back to the hostel for a bit.
We decided to just go out for a few more drinks and have a low key night. 
We walked through the park and along side the canal until we picked a random bar. 
Our bartender had long black hair that was in a pony tail. He reminded me of the actor Danny Trejo. We were having such great conversations in the beginning! The bartender then made me a gin with a splash of tonic, which was the beginning of the end for us. I decided to introduce Brennan to Limoncello, because drunk me is dumb and Limoncello haunts me. We were also in Italy the land of Limoncello. The bartender poured us a cup full, which  looked to be about three shots worth, then gave me a single shot and another huge cup for free. 

We were so drunk walking out of that bar.
We didn't remember the walk back the hostel, but I did manage to make a snap chat story about it!
When we got back to the hostel I briefly remember talking to people in the lobby and then heading upstairs to the kitchen to puke in the waste basket. I then brought the basket to bed with me and fell asleep fully clothed. Damn Limoncello. No matter what any says Limoncello is never a good idea.

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