Sunday, January 8, 2017

Europe: Holly's 21st Birthday

Euan woke us up and we decided to try and get Indian food once again. We even had Euan look up the hours that the restaurant was open, but when we arrived it was closed and wasn't opening until 5pm. So we decided to go to Filtro to waste some time. Victoria found a posh magazine and it had us laughing so hard. We then walked to the "rich" part of town, which was beautiful and upscale. We stopped at a pub for a pin and my water came in a really cool bottle that I ended up stealing. We finally got our Indian food, which was worth the wait!
(This picture was taken in Belgium)
After dinner, we went to Ted and Nicolette's for Holly's 21st birthday party. Ted and Amy made her a cake and thought it was funny that I went to town eating the leftover batter. Ted bought 75 beers for all of us to drink. We smoked, drank, and danced in the living room. Everyone wanted to play Fuck Pyramid again! So many people were playing it and it got hard trying to count the cards. Two people ended up drinking their beers every round. At one point Victoria, Ginnie, and Nic were out on the porch and I was with everyone else playing The Question Game. Amy took off her hajab for the night, which always means she's ready to party. She did not disappoint! I didn't think she was going to make it out to the club, but she did!

We walked to Billy's for a quick game of pool and drop shots. We then walked to Denzig, which is a club that Holly had really wanted to try out. I walked up behind Nin, Amy, and Holly when the bouncer said we couldn't come in, because one of us were too drink. We all thought he was talking about Amy or Nin, but he was apparently taking to me. I was easily the most sober person in the the group at that time. We went into an alley and had me switch jackets with someone, but then found out they wouldn't let Euan in either. So we walked to Miller's instead..

 Euan and Victoria went to find an ATM. Holly, Amy, and Ted got in line at Millers and I went with Philip and Nic to get food. We soon met up with everyone and danced for a while on the dance floor. I almost puked after the jager shot Victoria got me. Amy was a dick magnet on the dance floor. She was definitely not acting halal
Nin could barely stand by herself so Victoria and I decided to walk her home. She was talking about how Gary promised to shot up, but he never did. She was so upset! 

It was another great night in Den Haag!

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