Thursday, January 19, 2017

Europe: Kristianstad, Sweden

Anna had us up by 9 o'clock to start the day. 
After breakfast her friend Marta came over and our official tour of Kristianstad began. 
We first went to the beach pier to see the Baltic Seat. The area reminded me of Door County and was really cute! We learned that Sweden loves recycling so much that they buy other countries trash to recycle. Oh Sweden.

We then walked around the tiny town near the pier and counted six pizza shops on one street. 
I'm not sure why we found that so funny.
Anna and Marta showed us all the "old" buildings that they knew nothing about, but they all had signs near them so we could all be educated about them. We started joking about how something can only be important if it has a sign in front of it. 
Absolut Vodka is made in Kristianstad and we walked around the outside of the factory.
They only offer tours in the summer so we didn't go on one. Anna and Marta then drove us to Sweden's lowest point, which Anna had never been to either.
It was in a wooded area and if a sign wasn't there telling us it was the lowest point I would have had no idea. Thank goodness for signs. We all had a good laugh about it. 

We then drove downtown. 
Marta left to us have lunch with her Grandma and we went to a place that had the best club sandwiches that I have ever tasted! I don't even like sandwiches. We then went to the Regional Museum and just happened to run into Anna's Grandma! How ironic. She was nice, but definitely liked to talk about herself. At the museum most of the exhibits were in Swedish so Anna had to explain a lot of it to us. We did learn a lot about Kristianstad's history of film and saw some cool artwork.
We then walked to a nature museum, but found it closed so we went to get coffee and to try the famous Semlor lent buns, which you're suppose to eat only a few weeks before lent to fatten yourself up before fasting. They were great! We saw and talked for a few hours about our time in Winona, Trump, Swedish politics, getting old, and so many other random things. Those kind of conversations are many favorite! 

I bought the cutest cat sweatshirt at H&M and got some non-alcoholic beers for my mom at the liquor store. While walking past Anna's old high school cafeteria she informed us that during the summer they turn it into a night club. Sweden is one of a kind! By this time it was getting dark so we headed back to Anna's house. Her dad made us chicken curry and we had dinner with her family. It was really nice!

To end the day we watched Confessions of a Shopaholic and made plans for our time in Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Big cities will always have my heart, but being able to explore smaller towns gives you a different experience away from the typical tourist stuff. 

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