Monday, January 9, 2017

Europe: Limoncello and Christmas Tree's

Ginnie, Victoria, and I got a quick tour of the public library while looking for Ted. We didn't end up finding him. Euan met us at Albert Heijn to buy groceries for making lasagna with lentils! We smoked and watched Jurassic Park at Ted and Nic's. Our appetizer was cheesy bread, which we all devoured. Victoria and I spent a lot of the day there. Back at The Student hotel and met up with Millie and Gio outside. Millie was so drunk and funny. I felt like I was at a comedy show!  We were all dying of laughter. I got to meet Liv, who is bi-sexual and in love with Victoria. She reminded me of Snookie from Jersey Shore. After our comedy show, we went upstairs to talk, hangout, and watch Netflix. It was a nice low key day. My mom called me and asked if I was experimenting...she makes me laugh.

The next day Victoria's alarm kept going off, but we could not get ourselves out of bed. We eventually walked to a cafe to meet up with Ted, but decided to eat at Bagels and Beans instead with Nic and Philip. We talked about art, their future journey to the states, and our journey to come see them in Australia. I can never read the menu's here, which has resulted in me trying lots of new stuff!

Victoria and I stayed with Ted for a while, before leaving to go meet up with Gary and Nin. We walked all the way back to Den Haag HS only to find out that Gary wanted to meet us at Grote Markt. Gary's the security guard that Victoria and Nin have befriended that didn't show up for Holly's 21st birthday and pissed off Nin. He's technically not even allowed to hang out with students. We did eventually meet up and decided to eat at Millers, which apparently is a fancy restaurant by day and a crazy night club at night. We didn't like anything on the menu and decided to try a different place. It started to rain when Victoria pointed out a restaurant located in an alley called Aroma. We were the only ones in the place! Our waitress was sweet, but the owner was a drink buff creepy old man. He kept sending us over free shots of Limoncello(this damn stuff haunts us!) aka the drink of death. Victoria started messing with the guy by saying that she was a porn star with Gary. For some reason the old man fell in I've with me and wouldn't leave me alone. He kept asking me to take off my glasses for he could wear them. After a few rounds of arm wrestling and a bottle of wine we decided to leave/run away.

We headed to Ted and Nic's with Gary and we even hung out with us for a bit. I got to toss a Christmas tree off the balcony, which landed in the middle of the street. We were so drunk. Victoria headed back to The Student Hotel and I stuck around for a bit. Ted gave Nin a stick n' poke and we watched Stranger Things. We were too lazy to walk back home so we called an uber. The ride was terrifying, because the roads are ridiculous in Den Haag. I felt like we spent the majority of the ride driving on sidewalks.

Back at The Student Hotel I found Clair in our room! She had gone to France for a few days and it was great to have her back. She unfortunately had a terrible cold. While attempting to sleep Nic called Victoria and had her ask me medical questions, because that is apparently what I signed up for the minute I decided to become a nurse.

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