Sunday, January 22, 2017

Europe: More Copenhagen and Christiania

We slept in, made breakfast, packed our bags, and finally met Tina who's house we were staying at. We then headed back to the city center for coffee. Victoria called me so we talked for a bit. Brennan and I then walked to Christiania, which is a hippie commune. A group of people started living at an old army base in the 70's and didn't want to live by the standard rules of society. The government has been fighting them for years, but about 800 people live there now and it has become a huge tourist attraction. You can't buy a house in Christiania, but anyone can apply and if you get accepted you are given a place to live.

There are also no cars allowed and you're not suppose to take pictures.
The entire place reminded me of playing house in the woods as a kid. What my imagination imagined as a kid was this place. Surprisingly, when walking around the housing area we noticed a lot of "normal" looking people that call Christiania home. It was one of my favorite places to visit. 

For lunch/dinner, we went to Paper Island, which is a handful of creative buildings with art, showrooms, and street food right in the Copenhagen Harbor.
There were so many food options and the place was so warm and cozy!
I had beef carpaccio and Brennan had Turkish food. 
For dessert I had banana chocolate chip ice cream.

After finishing our beers we went to go and pick up our bags. 
We had to  ask so many people for help to figure out the right buses to take to get to Copenhagen's Central Station. Once at the station we had to once again ask so many people where the buses were located. We finally found a random street with buses. Of course our bus hadn't arrived yet and was running late. We met two guys who just found out that they had booked the bus for the wrong day and they couldn't change it. Brennan and I got lucky and had the entire back row to ourselves for the 12 hour bus ride. I watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey before attempting to sleep during our 12 hour bus ride.

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