Monday, January 2, 2017

Europe: New Years Eve in Amsterdam

One of my favorite things about traveling is rarely knowing what day of the week it is.
We get so use to hectic schedules back home and always counting down to the weekend, but that isn't necessary when traveling!

The last morning of 2016 we spent eating tomato soup, pizza, and grilled cheese, because we are all about eating healthy! We then got dressed in Victoria's room and headed to the train station. Whitney, Clair, Nin, Victoria, and I all managed to find seats together on the train and cracked open a beer for the ride. We were talking and laughing when all of a sudden the lady across the aisle from us told us to be quiet, because she didn't like us being loud. I would have understood if we were being loud and obnoxious, but we were talking at the same level as everyone else on the train. 

We were a few beers in when we finally arrived in Amsterdam!
It was my first time getting to explore the city.
The city felt so alive with everyone walking around and every place packed full of people, including the coffee shop we stopped at. Victoria ended up rolling the worst joint I've ever seen. 
We randomly picked an Argentinian restuarant to eat at and drink more. 
After dinner we decided to find a hole in the wall bar, which we did.
I ordered a $10 gin and tonic, which made me want to cry.
Victoria and I went outside for she could have a cigarette and five guys walked up to us.
Victoria told them that I was her girlfriend in hopes that they would leave us alone.
One of the guys asked us where we were from and when we said we were from the US he told us he was from Iran and pretended to shoot us with his fingers. 

Back in the bar Victoria started talking to a couple named Adam and Louise who were from England. 
They seemed cool and ended up tagging alone with us to the next bar. 
We went into a bar called Three Sisters, when Victoria realize she had forgotten her wallet at the previous bar. Her and Clair went to go look for it and the rest of us took shots of sambuca.
Victoria luckily found her wallet!

We then ventured to another bar, which we learned was a gay bar. 
It was so crowded and everyone seemed to know everyone, except us.
So we didn't stay long. 

The next bar was small as well and had tin foil on the walls. 
While I was waiting for a drink Adam came up behind me and groped me. 
I thought it was a mistake given that we were with him and his girlfriend. 

During all of this Whitney somehow got wasted.
She puked all over the floor and herself.
We had her sitting on a chair in the middle of the bar when the countdown to minute began.
We were all counting, laughing, and dancing, while making sure Whitney didn't fall off the chair.
I literally grabbed her arm and started waving it at mid-night for I could tell her that she did celebrate the count down. Nin and Victoria were my New Year's Eve kisses!

While Victoria took Whitney outside to sober up I was dancing and talking with Louise.
Whitney kept puking on her jacket and I stole a dish rag from the bar to help clean her up.
There were fireworks going off in the streets, which was super dangerous, but really cool to see.
Victoria almost stepped on one!

Adam came outside to check on us and proceeded to grope me again, when we were taking a group picture. My mind was blown that he was pulling that shit and I started to bitch to Victoria about him. Victoria then announced that she couldn't find her phone and the hunt for it began.
I kept going back to all the bars and checking the floors.
The female bouncer at one of the bars, kept laughing at me, because I was going back and forth.
We didn't end up finding it.

Clair then decided it was time to get Whitney back home.
I was so drink and got pissed off, because I didn't want to go home.
It felt like such a long walk back to the train station, probably because I was pouting the whole way.
Some guy ran into Clair and started yelling at her. He then started to kick the doors of the train station and later got arrested. The doors to the station were locked and it took forever for the cops to let people in. We bought our passes and had to wait 30 minutes for the train. 
The platform was packed full of people and when the train arrived everyone pushed to get into it. It was intense trying to stay together when a mob of people are pushing you into a train.

We actually managed to find seats and I decided it would be a good time to call my family.
I thought it was the coolest thing that I was already in 2017 and they had 4 hours left in 2016.
I really need my phone taken away from me when I'm drunk.
We all made it back safely and can officially say we survived 2016.

The year 2016 was an interesting year for me.
I started it in Times Square and ended it across the pond in Amsterdam.
I learned a lot about myself and the people in my life. 
I guess that's all you can ask for in a year is to grow as a person.

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