Saturday, January 7, 2017

Europe: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam was the only city I ventured to alone.
Rotterdam's city center was bombed during World War II and not much was left of it. It was rebuilt and looks very modern compared to other Dutch cities. I spent the majority of the time being lost and ducking in and out of different McDonald's to use their wifi for my GPS. I stumbled upon a beautiful church, walked around the Maritime Museum next to the North Sea, and walked around the shopping area.

I wanted Indian food so bad and was hangry when I couldn't find a place. I ended up settling for a burger, but I did get some entertainment while eating my burger. A girl got caught for shop lifting right in front of me!

My favorite part of Rotterdam were the Cube Houses. The design represents a village within a city, where each house represents a tree, and all the houses together, a forest. I went inside one of them and it was so cool to see, but it made me feel really dizzy for some reason.

I only stayed in Rotterdam a few hours, before heading back to Den Haag.
The group was eating Ratatouille and watching Catch Me If You Can and Terminal when I returned.
Victoria and I stopped at Izmet's shop to buy snack and decided to take a space cake back in Victoria's room. I met Millie and Vincent outside while Victoria was smoking. We hung out in Euan's room and watched an episode of Peepshow. By the time we got back to Victoria's room the space cakes were hitting us! Victoria left me to go and get food, which seems to be a common trend when it comes to me and edibles. I was hyper focusing on everything and it was intense. Victoria returned what seemed like hours later, but she was only gone for 45 minutes. She dropped something and I couldn't stop laughing about it and everything else. Victoria turned on Sex and The City and I thought I was the best movie critic in my mind. I was analyzing every line and judging it. I was having a good time in my own head! 

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