Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Europe: We arrived in Geneva, Switzerland

Euan cooked us lunch as we packed for Switzerland. We had to run and catch the train to Amsterdam in order to catch our flight to Geneva. We sat next to two huge suitcases that took up 4 seats on our train and no one seemed to claim them. It was kind of nerve racking. At the end of our journey, the owners finally came and picked them up! Clair, Victoria, Euan and I met u with the rest of the group after airport security. We bought duty free alcohol before the flight. I was seated next to a mom and a little boy. The mom kept trying to sleep, while the kid was all over the place. We finally landed in Switzerland! We messed around on the railings of the moving side walks like mature adults.

We then grabbed our bags, got our free bus ticket, and got on the bus. It was just a short walk from the bus stop to our AirBnB. We arrived in separate groups just in case someone was waiting for us. We only mentioned having six people not thirteen. When we all arrived and got settled in we started drinking. A few people made penne for dinner and the rest of us played card games. Card games with hard liquor is rough. We all got so drunk and started to play Truth or Dare, but couldn't focus on the game. Ted took a belly shot off of Victoria, his alter ego "Debra" made an appearance and gave Lewy a lap dance. Soon we were all jamming out to ABBA. At one point Ted was twerking with a chair on his bak
We came up with a kitchen dance routine to Britney Spears involving Amy sitting in the sink while singing in a spray hose. We also tried to dance, while laying on the kitchen floor. The rules were that your back has to stay on the floor, but you can move around. It was an epic fail. Clair and I made sure to watch Obama's farewell speech at 3am, while wasted it wasn't that great. Everyone soon headed to bed and Alex ended up being my bed mate and Amy was on the futon next to us. She told us to say our prayers before passing out.

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