Monday, February 27, 2017

Favorite Europe Quotes

Alex discussing why her mom decided to divorce her dad.
Alex: She watched Sleepless in Seattle and decided she didn't fancy him anymore.

Claire talking to a little girl while pouring different types of alcohol into a pitcher
Claire: That's lemonade. That's juice. And this is floor cleaner!

This is how you tell strangers to shut up...
Stranger: Can you guys please be quiet, because I don't like it.

Normal conversations to have with new friends on new years eve...
Stranger: I may be a school teacher, but I have the sex life of a naughty school girl.

When a girl from Turkey gives you advice on how to handle pervs..
Victoria: Some guy came up and grabbed my vagina.
Turkey: What did you say to him?
Victoria: Go away.
Turkey: No! You need to kill him.

Nin talking about her moms wardrobe advice for her court date.
Nin quoting her mother: We need something that says, "I am not a criminal."

When you're not a fan of leafy greens...
Philip: Why are there greens in my salad dressing?

When you're caught between two completely different conversations...
Victoria: Me and Euan are all about the beer funnel on vacay!
Clair: Ami get your head out of my crotch. I am mad at you.

Who's ready to party in the cafeteria?
Anna: And that's the high school cafeteria and night club.
Me: What?
Anna: They turn it into a night club during the summer
Me: Sweden is a very strange place.

Monday, February 20, 2017

20th anniversary of her 21st birthday

It was JoLinda's 20th anniversary of her 21st birthday.
Victoria and I pre-gamed in the loft and Whitney joined us for a bit.
We got pretty drunk, came up with a dance routine, showed my parents, and asked them to drive us to the bar. This is what being an adult is all about you guys!
We surprisingly had a really low key night at Gasoline.
We met a new guy named Brandon outside who became our new friend.
The Muddy Udder's were playing and they were great as always!
A few nights before Victoria had gone out with her friend Olivia and told the bouncer that they were lesbians. That bouncer was working and I got drawn into the story as the ex-girlfriend. 
It may not have been a crazy night out, but it was a really thought provoking night, because of the conversations we were having and the people we were surrounded by. 

Lesson of the night: As The Weepies would say, "the world spins madly on" and you can't do anything about it, except live every day that you are blessed with to the fullest.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Victoria and I went to Janna's for a nice supper and a few glasses of wine.
We were talking about relationships and Janna's job search failures.
It was going to be a low key night, until we got a text from Anthony inviting us out.

So we drove to downtown De Pere and met up with him and a few other people.
There were these two older men that kept trying to talk with everyone in our group.
I normally love old people, but these guys were so creepy!
One of them wanted us to call him uncle....umm no.
We danced and I learned that I could catch popcorn when it is thrown in the air.
It only took me 21 years to figure that out!

We were having a good time when all of a sudden Katie decided to get into a fight with a lady sitting at the bar. We had to leave, before she got us kicked out. 
Back at Anthony's Janna played the banjo for us.
Katie and Andrea got in a huge fight, which is apparently common for those two.
I was literally laughing out loud and not even hiding it, while I was watching them go at it.
It was the most dramatic couple fight I've ever seen.

I love nights that you think will be low key and end up being the complete opposite!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The First Week Back

The first night back in Green Bay was spent with Victoria and Heather.
We went to see Neil Hilborn do slam poetry.
It was exactly what I needed to hear after returning and being in a sad mood.
Victoria and I didn't give ourselves much time to relax back in Green Bay.
We partied for a solid week after our return.
It was a way to catch up with friends, especially the ones Victoria hadn't seen in six months.
Brittney had another girls night, which included a Lularoe party.
Victoria and I only have a budget for food and alcohol so we didn't buy anything.
We just drank all of the wine and waited for everyone to move to the bar.

It was a fun night, but not everyone stayed out late.
Victoria, Janna, Bart, and I were the only one's left at one point.
We drove to Anthony's for a bit.
Victoria finally got to meet Andrea and Katie.
They are Anthony's lesbian roommates!
We stayed for a bit, before deciding to head back out to the bars, because everyone wanted to dance.

I ran into Alicia at a bar downtown that night.
It was really nice catching up with her.
We are on completely different paths of life currently, but I'll always have a soft spot for her.
Her friend was bartending and kept telling me 
how much Alicia was talking up her first friend in Green Bay. I spent so much of my childhood just wanting Alicia to consider me a friend and low and behold she always did, even if she wouldn't admit it to me. 

She stayed with us until bar close, because she wanted to see my sister who was our designated driver that night. I'm sure non of us could have predicted this scenario back in the day at church.

A few days later Sarah and Sydney came over to the loft.
We decided on drinking Pink Pantie Droppers, which always leads to bad things.
After finishing off the pitcher of Pink Pantie Droppers, we thought it would be a good idea to take a few shots before going out to the bars.
We were so hammered when we finally arrived.
Kayla joined in on the phone of wrangling Sydney.
Sydney got kicked out of the bar and then went missing.
I gave up looking for her and when I tried to order a drink I got cut off, because my friends were too drunk. 
I was also trying to keep Victoria up to date on what was going on, but she was way too drink to even care. 
Brennan ended up showing up and got yelled at by Sarah for no reason!

I couldn't find Sydney anywhere and Victoria refused to leave.
Kayla, Brennan, Sarah, and I ended up leaving, because we were cut off.
Back at the loft we found Sydney's phone.
So she was lost in Green Bay without a phone.

We all woke up and Sydney was still missing!
Apparently, she wandered off and some old man offered to bring her all the way back to Appleton.
She accepted his offer and he actually didn't kill her!
She then fell asleep in her apartment hallway, because she didn't have her keys.
She returned to the loft eventually to pick up her car and phone.
The entire night was a disaster, but comical looking back on it now. 

I wasn't kidding about Pink Pantie Droppers.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Europe Songs

These songs will forever remind me about my time in Europe.

Castle on the Hill- Ed Sheeran
This song was actually first released when I was in Den Haag with Victoria and her friends. I felt like Nicolette was constantly playing it! It makes me feel nostalgic for the time that I'm in right now. Which sounds ridiculous, but I already know that this time in my life is one that I'll forever look back on and miss.

Everywhere- Fleetwood Mac
I felt like I heard Fleetwood Mac and ABBA on constant repeat when I was drinking with the crew. This specific song Alex kept requesting in Switzerland and I remember singing and dancing to it with her.

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!- ABBA
I wasn't kidding about Fleetwood Mac and ABBA being the go-to for party music. I can just picture everyone dancing to this song in Switzerland.

Amsterdam- Peter Bjorn and John
Brennan actually introduced me to this song, before we left for Europe. I sent him in a video of me in Amsterdam with this song, because how could I not?

Mambo No. 5- Lou Bega
Once again another song associated with my time in Switzerland. I talk about this song on the crazy ride I rode here.

Trouble- Offaiah
This song was playing as Abbi drove us at night in England. I was really feeling the exact moment where we were driving on the wrong(or right for them) side of the road, I was in fucking England, I was with some really great people, and this song just happened to be playing.