Saturday, January 14, 2017

Europe: Milan, Italy

I woke up with the worst hangover! Brennan tried to come into my bed to cuddle, but his body head made me vomit. I attempted to take a shower, but I was so exhausted and nauseous. It had to take 5 minute breaks between each article of clothing when I was getting dressed. I had to pop an Advil and take a nap, before deciding I was ready to take on the city of Milan. A couple owns Atmos and the wife was telling us about how her husband is from Minnesota. She was so nice, but I thought the conversation was never going to end. 

We found out what tram we needed to catch and where to catch it. 
Brennan had to stop and puke in the streets, while two older ladies walked by.
The tram took us directly to the city center and it was bustling with people!
It looked just like the Italian cities I had imagined/seen in movies. I dragged Brennan into another H&M to cross it off the list. 

We then got tickets to the Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathederal), which was the most breathtaking church I've ever seen. The architecture is gothic style and had so much detail on the outside. Inside the church there were high ceilings and columns with beautiful stained glass windows. It was a site to see! The crypt was a little eerie and looked like a place where secret cult rituals happened.  Beneath the church is the Battistero Paleocristiano, which are ruins of a Early Christian Christian baptistery dating from the 4th century. St. Augustine was apparently baptized there.

We then had to walk outside and around the building to find the staircase to the top of the church.
On our way a guy tried to stop us and place string bracelets on our wrists, which we didn't want and tried to walk away. He followed us, put the bracelets on our wrists, and then demanded 5 euros for a piece of string!  We walked away again and he was so pissed off. 

The stairs up to the roof were intense. People had to go up and down the same stairs located in a small tower. It got tight, but the view was worth it! We could see for miles and the mountains were a nice backdrop. 

This was probably one of the highlights of my time in Europe.
I felt on top of the world!
It finally hit me that I wasn't one of those people that talk about their dreams, but never accomplish them.

On our walk to the Sforza Castle we stopped at an antique shop, stumbled upon an old palace courtyard, and walked down the cutest alley with flower boxes on windowsills and Italian restaurants. I felt like I was in a fairy tale walking down those cobblestone streets.

The castle was really big and we saw what was apparently the worlds largest violin.
After walking around we decided to look for food.
We stopped at a restaurant and got ravioli and spaghetti!
I think it is a necessity to eat pasta while in Italy. 

We stopped for gelato and it was the best thing I have ever tasted!
We got dark chocolate and strawberry. 
We walked around the square and I did a little shopping.

On our way back to the hostel we got on the wrong tram and the tram driver made us off at the last stop, which was in a really sketchy part of town. We waited what seemed like forever for the right tram, but it did finally arrive! Once we got off at our stop we hunted down the last food item on our! It was so good. Back at the hostel we met the girl that was staying in our room. She was from England and had come all the way to Milan for a Green Day concert. I was pretty proud of her for traveling to a different country all alone just for a concert!

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