Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Europe Songs

These songs will forever remind me about my time in Europe.

Castle on the Hill- Ed Sheeran
This song was actually first released when I was in Den Haag with Victoria and her friends. I felt like Nicolette was constantly playing it! It makes me feel nostalgic for the time that I'm in right now. Which sounds ridiculous, but I already know that this time in my life is one that I'll forever look back on and miss.

Everywhere- Fleetwood Mac
I felt like I heard Fleetwood Mac and ABBA on constant repeat when I was drinking with the crew. This specific song Alex kept requesting in Switzerland and I remember singing and dancing to it with her.

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!- ABBA
I wasn't kidding about Fleetwood Mac and ABBA being the go-to for party music. I can just picture everyone dancing to this song in Switzerland.

Amsterdam- Peter Bjorn and John
Brennan actually introduced me to this song, before we left for Europe. I sent him in a video of me in Amsterdam with this song, because how could I not?

Mambo No. 5- Lou Bega
Once again another song associated with my time in Switzerland. I talk about this song on the crazy ride I rode here.

Trouble- Offaiah
This song was playing as Abbi drove us at night in England. I was really feeling the exact moment where we were driving on the wrong(or right for them) side of the road, I was in fucking England, I was with some really great people, and this song just happened to be playing.

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