Monday, February 27, 2017

Favorite Europe Quotes

Alex discussing why her mom decided to divorce her dad.
Alex: She watched Sleepless in Seattle and decided she didn't fancy him anymore.

Claire talking to a little girl while pouring different types of alcohol into a pitcher
Claire: That's lemonade. That's juice. And this is floor cleaner!

This is how you tell strangers to shut up...
Stranger: Can you guys please be quiet, because I don't like it.

Normal conversations to have with new friends on new years eve...
Stranger: I may be a school teacher, but I have the sex life of a naughty school girl.

When a girl from Turkey gives you advice on how to handle pervs..
Victoria: Some guy came up and grabbed my vagina.
Turkey: What did you say to him?
Victoria: Go away.
Turkey: No! You need to kill him.

Nin talking about her moms wardrobe advice for her court date.
Nin quoting her mother: We need something that says, "I am not a criminal."

When you're not a fan of leafy greens...
Philip: Why are there greens in my salad dressing?

When you're caught between two completely different conversations...
Victoria: Me and Euan are all about the beer funnel on vacay!
Clair: Ami get your head out of my crotch. I am mad at you.

Who's ready to party in the cafeteria?
Anna: And that's the high school cafeteria and night club.
Me: What?
Anna: They turn it into a night club during the summer
Me: Sweden is a very strange place.

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