Thursday, February 9, 2017

The First Week Back

The first night back in Green Bay was spent with Victoria and Heather.
We went to see Neil Hilborn do slam poetry.
It was exactly what I needed to hear after returning and being in a sad mood.
Victoria and I didn't give ourselves much time to relax back in Green Bay.
We partied for a solid week after our return.
It was a way to catch up with friends, especially the ones Victoria hadn't seen in six months.
Brittney had another girls night, which included a Lularoe party.
Victoria and I only have a budget for food and alcohol so we didn't buy anything.
We just drank all of the wine and waited for everyone to move to the bar.

It was a fun night, but not everyone stayed out late.
Victoria, Janna, Bart, and I were the only one's left at one point.
We drove to Anthony's for a bit.
Victoria finally got to meet Andrea and Katie.
They are Anthony's lesbian roommates!
We stayed for a bit, before deciding to head back out to the bars, because everyone wanted to dance.

I ran into Alicia at a bar downtown that night.
It was really nice catching up with her.
We are on completely different paths of life currently, but I'll always have a soft spot for her.
Her friend was bartending and kept telling me 
how much Alicia was talking up her first friend in Green Bay. I spent so much of my childhood just wanting Alicia to consider me a friend and low and behold she always did, even if she wouldn't admit it to me. 

She stayed with us until bar close, because she wanted to see my sister who was our designated driver that night. I'm sure non of us could have predicted this scenario back in the day at church.

A few days later Sarah and Sydney came over to the loft.
We decided on drinking Pink Pantie Droppers, which always leads to bad things.
After finishing off the pitcher of Pink Pantie Droppers, we thought it would be a good idea to take a few shots before going out to the bars.
We were so hammered when we finally arrived.
Kayla joined in on the phone of wrangling Sydney.
Sydney got kicked out of the bar and then went missing.
I gave up looking for her and when I tried to order a drink I got cut off, because my friends were too drunk. 
I was also trying to keep Victoria up to date on what was going on, but she was way too drink to even care. 
Brennan ended up showing up and got yelled at by Sarah for no reason!

I couldn't find Sydney anywhere and Victoria refused to leave.
Kayla, Brennan, Sarah, and I ended up leaving, because we were cut off.
Back at the loft we found Sydney's phone.
So she was lost in Green Bay without a phone.

We all woke up and Sydney was still missing!
Apparently, she wandered off and some old man offered to bring her all the way back to Appleton.
She accepted his offer and he actually didn't kill her!
She then fell asleep in her apartment hallway, because she didn't have her keys.
She returned to the loft eventually to pick up her car and phone.
The entire night was a disaster, but comical looking back on it now. 

I wasn't kidding about Pink Pantie Droppers.

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