Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tracy and Kristy

The wedding that Victoria and I crashed in June got featured in a magazine! Tracy and Kristy are such an awesome couple and truly deserved this. Check out the article

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Transitions: Surgery

Transitions is essentially the last lap in nursing school.
Unlike clinical, you are not with a group of students being chaperoned by a nursing instructor.
Instead, you are a nurses sidekick for 90 hours (or however long your nursing school requires) and you get a little more freedom regarding what you are able to do.  
We are told at the beginning of nursing school that the higher your GPA is the better placement you will get. Which is an incentive to do well, because no one wants to spent 90 hours doing something they hate. 
I remember seeing a transitions student at the nursing home during my 1st semester and another one in preop during my 2nd semester.
I was so jealous of them, because they were so close to being done with the hell known as nursing school!
In the blink of an eye I was having to put in my top five choices for transition placements myself.
After seeing a c-section and another surgery  I knew my first choice would definitely be surgery.
Surprisingly, that is exactly where I got placed!

So I've been scrubbing up and pretending that I'm on Grey's Anatomy.
I've seen some really cool surgeries like a laparoscopic hysterectomy, total knee replacement, bowel resection, and a few others. I've noticed that the majority of surgeons like blasting 80's music, which I love! I could definitely see myself working in surgery one day. The nurse I'm assigned to is really great and lets me do a lot, which makes me feel like a real nurse! 
Graduation is so close!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Goth is back

Victoria and I both had a Friday night free and decided to spend it wisely.
We got dressed up in funky clothing.
I gave Victoria free reign over my face and she chose to make me look like a hipster goth.
I never went through a goth/emo phase.
It takes a lot of work!

We each picked three different outfits and took random pictures in our house.
We had a blast trying choosing random spots to take pictures and finding the best lighting.
We are easily entertained. 

We then invited my sister out to eat with us.
It sounds like we were being nice, but we actually just wanted her to drop us off at the bar after wards and pick us up later in the night. We went to White Dog Black Cat Cafe, where we enjoyed various seafood dishes. Victoria made me take a shot at the table and these older ladies next to us were laughing at us. 

We arrived at the bar pretty early and not many people were out yet.
We just talked with each other, while waiting for the bar to fill up.
Normally when we go out we are shit shows and don't have much time to just sit and chat with each other. 

We hung out with some of the regulars and met some new friends as well!
Gasoline is the best bar in town and we always meet the best characters.
Victoria was trying to move drinks off of a pool table and spilled a ton of beer on the floor.
She felt bad that she spilled Sam's beer and attempted to pour her beer into Sam's beer can, which only led to more beer on the floor. Then someone accidentally knocked down a can of unopened beer, which sprayed all over the place. This all happened just because Victoria and Sam wanted to take a picture on the pool table. 

I decided that I wanted to stay for the band and Victoria wanted to head to Garret's house.
So I hung out with Brandon, while watching The Ditchrunners rock on stage.
My sister then picked me up and I made her listen to 80's music on the ride home.

I got home and saw that I had a package waiting for me.
I didn't remember ordering anything, which made me even more excited!
I tore open the package and a hundred condoms fell out with a nice little note from Planned Parenthood.
So if anyone needs condoms I have plenty to give away!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I've been feeling a bit lost and unsatisfied lately.
My reasons for feeling this way are truly first world problems.
I'm not sure what I want to do after graduation, I'm feeling stressed out by school, the town I live in makes me feel like I'm suffocating, etc. 
Victoria and I met up at a coffee shop yesterday and had a really good talk about happiness.
On the way home from the coffee shop I noticed the sunset.
I decided to pull over and truly enjoy it.
I called Victoria to come and join me.
We listened to music and just took in our surroundings. 
 When we got home Victoria started reading a book about happiness, her cousins texted her about happiness, and I found out it was the  National day of Happiness. 
The universe was clearly trying to tell us something!

Monday, March 20, 2017

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's day was an interesting day.
I started it out by having my last day of clinical ever.
I will never have to write a care plan ever again!
This was by far my favorite clinical.
I liked everyone I was working along side and my instructor was great!
Afterwards, I headed home and got ready to go out.
I've been trying to hang out with my dad more and our schedules never seem to line up.
He asked me if I could help him with his outfit for the night. 
We went to his favorite bar and he attempted to help me with his pool skills.
My dad is great at playing pool and I am awful.
I also got to meet a lot of his friends, which was nice.

Victoria and Brennan met up with us later in the evening.
We all then headed to a different bar to meet up with my friend Andrea.
We stayed there for a while.
My dad and I had our first heart to heart conversation.
He even got teary eyed, which was cute. 

We ended the night drinking beers at home.
It was a really different night of "going out", but I really appreciated it.
It's good to switch things up.
I'll definitely be putting more of an effort in hanging out with my dad. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Day drinking in Milwaukee

Victoria and I headed to Milwaukee to day drink with Clair for the day.
We got to her apartment around noon and started out with a few shots of vodka. 
Clair showed off her didgeridoo playing skills, which I was jealous of.
We facetimed with Ted in Australia for a while and Clair made a beautiful sketch of Victoria. 

We walked to the grocery store to pick up a case of beer. 
Clair introduced us to her grocery store employee friends.
Afterwards, we had to sit at the bus stop for a while.
This allowed us to eat our food and sing Victoria's song, while Clair used the case of beer as a drum. 

The bus only takes exact change, which I didn't have. 
We were trying to explain the situation to the bus driver, who eventually got sick of us and just let us ride for free. Clair was using the aisle as a runway. We were in our own little world at the back of that bus. 

We got off at our stop and stopped for a picture or two.
While walking across the street the handle on the case of beer broke and Victoria dropped all the beer in the middle of the road. She ran away, while Clair and I scrambled to pick them up. 

We stopped for a break in a vacant lot.
We sat on tires, opened a few beers, and hung out for a while.
There were actually a lot of people around this area doing random shit like us.
Our main destination was an abandoned factory that graffiti artists have taken over.
Unfortunately, it had been torn a few months prior and was mainly a pile of rubble.
There were a few walls left up and a really cool tire swing hanging from the rafters!

I'm apparently much stronger when I'm drunk and managed to hoist myself up unto the swing.
Victoria kept pushing me and I thought I was going to die.
We got some cool pictures of the place and finished up our beer.

We went to the closest bar that we could find, which ended up being a gay bar.
We talked about Keeping Up with the Kardashians with a few of the guys there.
Afterwards, we walked to another bar while we were waiting for the bus to arrive. 
I kept stealing the burlap covering up the bushes alongside a factory we were walking against.
We thought we looked real cool with our burlap scarves.

We caught the bus and headed back to Clair's house for a quick meal of mac and cheese.
In all honesty, that bus ride and meal was a bit of a blur.
We then walked to Clair's work and watched a bit of a show, before heading to Brady St. to bar hop.

We danced at every bar and played pool. 
Jimmy Johns caught our eye and we wandered over there to get food.
Victoria kept falling asleep.
I thought one of the workers looked like Avril Lavigne and kept playing Avril Lavigne's songs.
We was really bonding with all the employee's, while Clair was doing her thing in the background.

It started snowing heavily around midnight and we had decided that twelve straight hours of drinking was plenty. We walked back to Clair's house, which was an adventure. Victoria made a snow angel on the sidewalk and stopped for a break in front of the AA meeting house. 

After dropping off Clair we headed to Rachel and Amanda's apartment.
The weather was so intense at this point!
Rachel and Amanda let us stay with them, because Clair had class at 8am and we would have had to get up and leave at that time.

We woke up to a foot of snow outside.
We had to dig Rachel's car out of the snow, before heading to get some breakfast.
I'm surprised she didn't get stuck!
We ate at Cafe Hollander and ordered fancy alcohol fused coffee drinks.
We spent our time talking about our travels and our plans for the future.
All of us are the same age and in similar stages of life.
The skies our limit, which is terrifying and exciting all at the same time.

We hung out with them for a while at the apartment, before they had to go to work.
Victoria and I dug out Victoria's car, which was pretty much us using our arms to push snow off the car, because Victoria didn't have a snow brush!
We also got stuck trying to drive away, because there was so much snow.
The drive home was intense and I'm surprised we didn't find ourselves in the ditch.
It was a much needed weekend away.
We kept talking about how rare it is for a night out to go so perfectly in every way.
None of us got sloppy, emotional, or mean.
We were so focused on each other and were down for whatever a person wanted to do. 
It involved a lot of great people and you can't ask for much more than that!