Saturday, March 25, 2017

Goth is back

Victoria and I both had a Friday night free and decided to spend it wisely.
We got dressed up in funky clothing.
I gave Victoria free reign over my face and she chose to make me look like a hipster goth.
I never went through a goth/emo phase.
It takes a lot of work!

We each picked three different outfits and took random pictures in our house.
We had a blast trying choosing random spots to take pictures and finding the best lighting.
We are easily entertained. 

We then invited my sister out to eat with us.
It sounds like we were being nice, but we actually just wanted her to drop us off at the bar after wards and pick us up later in the night. We went to White Dog Black Cat Cafe, where we enjoyed various seafood dishes. Victoria made me take a shot at the table and these older ladies next to us were laughing at us. 

We arrived at the bar pretty early and not many people were out yet.
We just talked with each other, while waiting for the bar to fill up.
Normally when we go out we are shit shows and don't have much time to just sit and chat with each other. 

We hung out with some of the regulars and met some new friends as well!
Gasoline is the best bar in town and we always meet the best characters.
Victoria was trying to move drinks off of a pool table and spilled a ton of beer on the floor.
She felt bad that she spilled Sam's beer and attempted to pour her beer into Sam's beer can, which only led to more beer on the floor. Then someone accidentally knocked down a can of unopened beer, which sprayed all over the place. This all happened just because Victoria and Sam wanted to take a picture on the pool table. 

I decided that I wanted to stay for the band and Victoria wanted to head to Garret's house.
So I hung out with Brandon, while watching The Ditchrunners rock on stage.
My sister then picked me up and I made her listen to 80's music on the ride home.

I got home and saw that I had a package waiting for me.
I didn't remember ordering anything, which made me even more excited!
I tore open the package and a hundred condoms fell out with a nice little note from Planned Parenthood.
So if anyone needs condoms I have plenty to give away!

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