Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Transitions: Surgery

Transitions is essentially the last lap in nursing school.
Unlike clinical, you are not with a group of students being chaperoned by a nursing instructor.
Instead, you are a nurses sidekick for 90 hours (or however long your nursing school requires) and you get a little more freedom regarding what you are able to do.  
We are told at the beginning of nursing school that the higher your GPA is the better placement you will get. Which is an incentive to do well, because no one wants to spent 90 hours doing something they hate. 
I remember seeing a transitions student at the nursing home during my 1st semester and another one in preop during my 2nd semester.
I was so jealous of them, because they were so close to being done with the hell known as nursing school!
In the blink of an eye I was having to put in my top five choices for transition placements myself.
After seeing a c-section and another surgery  I knew my first choice would definitely be surgery.
Surprisingly, that is exactly where I got placed!

So I've been scrubbing up and pretending that I'm on Grey's Anatomy.
I've seen some really cool surgeries like a laparoscopic hysterectomy, total knee replacement, bowel resection, and a few others. I've noticed that the majority of surgeons like blasting 80's music, which I love! I could definitely see myself working in surgery one day. The nurse I'm assigned to is really great and lets me do a lot, which makes me feel like a real nurse! 
Graduation is so close!

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