Monday, April 24, 2017

Only Two Drinks

My friend Logyn came to town the other day and wanted to get together.
She brought two bottles of wine to my loft, which we drank while we looked up our high school classmates mugshots and caught each other up on our lives. 
After finishing an entire bottle each, we had my little sister and her friend drive us to the bars.
We met up with Anthony, Janna, Justin, Andrea, and Katie at the Keweenaw. 
I of course had to bring her up to the bar roof, which is almost like a right of passage for the people I bring to this specific bar. Victoria, Brennan, and Monica met up with us. 

We spent the night hopping from bar to bar.
Everyone was in a great mood and were vibing.
Victoria insisted she was only going to have two drinks, which did not happen.
I somehow managed to consistently drink throughout the night, but never spent a dime!

At one of the bars a guy kept trying to dance with me and I kept glancing over at Brennan.
I wanted him to come and save me, but he never did!
He apparently thought that my glances were my attempt at making him jealous and he wasn't a fan.
Talk about not being on the same page at all!
I died of laughter when he told me that, because first of all I suck at dancing and that would not be my go-to for making someone jealous. 
We made our way to Anthony's house at bar close, where he made us tea.
Katie started to freak out, because she couldn't find her dog.
She's the queen of freaking out, which I find hilarious. 
Justin had just taken the dog on a walk and returned it safely.
I had my sister pick us up around 4am and for some reason Anthony decided to come home with us, even thought we were already at his house.
He crawled in bed with Victoria and Logyn crawled in bed with me.
I felt really high on life knowing I just had a great night out with my friends and was ending it with some of my favorite people.

The next morning we were all so hungover!
Victoria had to unfortunately work an eight hour shift, while the rest of us had to attend Misty's Bridal shower. I puked at a gas station parking lot and bought a gift from the dollar store. I was killing the adult game! While Katie, Janna, and I were standing next to Brittney she laughed about how we smelled like alcohol. Always keeping it classy! 
It was a good night with great people.
 It was completely worth the hangover!

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