Friday, April 21, 2017

Whitney's Mom's Wedding

Victoria and I went to our friend Whitney's mom's wedding reception.
We have been looking forward to wedding season for months and this wedding was the kick-off!
Before we left he had to take a picture with our son Boots, because we have our priorities straight.

(Victoria and I are dancing in the back of this picture)
We drank, we danced, and spent a lot of time out on the patio.
Victoria and I also discovered that eggs rolls dipped in taco dip is a heavenly experience.
 I once again drunkenly lectured about the importance of safe sex, which seems to be my favorite topic lately. 

We of course made sure to keep things classy the entire night!
After the wedding a few people headed over to the bar across the street.
We continued to dance and really enjoyed the live band they had performing!
Our final destination was Aloft Hotel where Whitney and Alex were staying.
We ordered Pizza and headed down to the pool.
It turned into a Topless Thursday, which was Whitney's first time participating in one!
We seem to be getting new members all the time!
I'm sure the girl at the front desk was having a great time watching us on the cameras. 
We make so many great decisions!

It was a great night and I'm sad that it flew by!

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