Monday, May 15, 2017

Bachelorette Party

This past weekend I went to my first legit Bachelorette party for my friend Misty!
Twelve of us drove up to Door County to go wine tasting and spent the night at a cute Inn. 

On the way up this car kept cutting people off and Maria got sick of it.
She honked her own at the driver who proceeded to flip her off.
This pissed off Maria who sped up, got in front of this driver, and slowed down to piss her off.
Eventually, Maria got bored and got back in the slow lane and let the girl pass.
When we were leaving a winery that car just happened to be pulling in.
We watched as the group came out and it was coincidentally the bachelorette party that my friend Emily was a part of! Her cousin was the driver of the car and didn't find the situation very funny, but the rest of us did. 

We stopped for wine and/or drinks at a few different places and shopped at some cute shops.
We eventually made it to our hotel and unpacked all of our snacks and booze.
We just hung out for a while in our room, before our dinner reservations.
We took jello shots and ate vodka soaked gummy bears, which made my tongue numb.
We passed around a key chain breathalyzer to decide on who got to drive.
I need to invest in one of those!

We piled into two cars and headed to dinner at this fancy restaurant.
Celia was so drunk and ordered honey bbq chicken wings, but then remembered she didn't even like honey bbq and kept falling asleep.
We were all very entertained by her.

When leaving dinner we just followed Misty without questioning where we were going.
She went out the wrong door and we all piled onto the patio and everyone was watching us.
Maria thought quickly and said, "I'm so glad we decided to check out the patio so we know to request to sit out here next time." We all agreed and shuffled back inside to leave through the right door, while dying of laughter. 
We hopped into the pool the minute we got back.
We played with a beach ball, talked, and drank.
The party continued there until the pool closed around 10.
At that point we decided to go for a walk outside, which lead to us sitting in a parking spot telling stories and laughing. We then migrated to the children's playground and hung out on the swings and picnic table. 

It started to get cold so we headed back to the room where we continued to party.
Everyone was their best selves and no one wanted the night to end!
I also decided that I love dips. 
I was going to town that night dipping shit in dips and I was in heaven.

The next morning we cleaned up the rooms and headed to breakfast at a cute restaurant.
Despite the night we had everyone was a champ the next morning.
I got mocked for the insane amount of creamer I put in my coffee.
I loved spending time with this awesome group of girls!
I'm sad that the weekend went by so fast, but I know the wedding will be a fantastic time!

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