Tuesday, May 23, 2017

College Graduation

For as long as I could remember I always wanted to be a nurse.
It has been a dream I've been chasing my whole life.
It took blood, sweat, and tears, but I finally did it!
I graduated nursing school with highest honors.

My college years were the best and worst time of my life so far.
They were awful because I went from never studying in high school to full on meltdowns during my study sessions in college. I never felt truly relaxed and was constantly on edge waiting for an exam result or an assignment grade to be posted. 
I'm grateful for the great support system  that I had to help me through it.
Shout out to my parents, sister, Victoria, and my fellow nursing students Emily and Kaitlyn. 

They were also the best, because I learned so much about myself.
 I feel like I began to find my true self and I can't wait to continue to grow.
I also went on so many adventures like my road trip across the states, traveling around Europe, spending New Years Eve in Times Square, spring break in Idaho, and all the times Victoria's family welcomed me with open arms in Florida.  
I found some really great friends along the way as well and I will forever be grateful for their friendship. 

I was in denial for a while that I was truly graduating and it still hasn't sunk in completely.
College is a time everyone seems to look forward to growing up and all of a sudden that stage of my life is over. Time truly flies by! 

For once in my life I don't have my next step in place.
I've been throwing around ideas, but I don't have a true game plan yet, which feels so strange for me!
It's kinda nice, but at the same time scary.
I know I'll figure it out and there is truly no rush.

My graduation was held at the Resch Center.
I was so hungover from the night before and at one point was debating if walking across the stage was worth getting out of bed. 
I also felt really sad that my nursing school journey was over, but relieved at the same time.
I made sure to put some fruit snack in my bra for a little snack during the ceremony. 
I couldn't tell you what the speakers said and walking across the stage felt like a blur.

After receiving my diploma I got pinned by a fellow nurse. I was going to try and explain it, but found out someone said it much better than I could have...

"The pinning ceremony is a time-honored nursing school tradition. Often more personally meaningful than the graduation ceremony, it signifies your official initiation into the brotherhood and sisterhood of nurses. The ceremony is rich with symbolism. The history of this right of passage can be traced all the way back to the Crusades of the 12th century. During this time, the Knights of the Order of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist tended to injured and infirm Crusaders. When new monks were initiated into the order, they vowed to serve these sick soldiers in a ceremony where each monk was given a Maltese cross, the first badges given to those who nurse.
The modern ceremony dates back to the 1860s, when Florence Nightingale was awarded the Red Cross of St. George in recognition for her tireless service to the injured during the Crimean War. To share the honor, she in turn presented a medal of excellence to her brightest graduates. By 1916, the practice of pinning new graduates was standard throughout the U.S." Source
So I pretty much spent a lot of money on a tiny pin, because I'm a sucker for tradition.

After graduation we took some pictures and then went out for Pizza at Sammy's to celebrate with the family. Afterwards, a few of us went out drinking to celebrate! 
Emily got us these adorable shot glasses as graduation gifts.

Thank goodness I had recovered from my hangover from the night before!
A lot of people came out to drink with us.
I only stayed out until bar close, because I had a wedding the next day.
I went home and had Logyn attempt to even out my fake tan, which was not the smartest thing to do, because she was very drunk.

And just like that my graduation had come and gone...

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