Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Pre-Party

Zack and Misty had a joint bachelor/bachelorette party a few weekends ago.
It was a night filled with lots of love, great people, and a few WTF moments.
Those nights always go way too fast!
The night started with a dinner party at our house involving Logyn, Janna, and Amanda.
My parents were there for the very beginning and were discussing politics and drugs.
There were a lot of different opinions in that kitchen, but everyone listened to each other and I learned a lot! My parents were leaving when they saw two baby chicks in the garage!
We took a lap around the neighborhood looking for the mama duck, but couldn't find her.
So we cuddled with them for a bit and then placed them in a box for we could bring them to the Wildlife Sanctuary in the morning.

After saving baby ducks we had an unplanned Topless Thursday!
We've been having them a lot, because people have been requested them more and more.
It was Amanda and Logyn's first time participating and definitely not the last.
We then hopped into my sisters car and we met up with the rest of the group.
We bar hopped all night and for the most part all stayed together, which is a feat in itself with a large group. I was involved in so many great conversations that night, but I did have a strange run in with a guy. This dude kept trying to talk to me about how people were out to get him and that people were disappearing from his job. I'm assuming he was either a schizophrenic or on way too many drugs. Amanda had to jump into the conversation with her bluntness and come save me.
He found me again and I was just happened to be standing next to my friend Cliff. 
I quickly looped my arm around Cliff's and leaned on him hoping he took the hint.
He did and told the guy to leave me alone.
I finally went to the bouncer and he took care of the situation.

We then headed to Anthony's for a while and had my sister pick us up from there.
By the time I had dragged myself out of bed the next morning my sister had already dropped off the chicks and had mowed the lawn. She's making me look like a slacker!

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