Friday, May 26, 2017

Zack and Misty's Wedding

The day after my graduation was Zack and Misty's wedding.
They have been dating for 9 years so it was about time we got to celebrate with a DJ and free dinner!
Victoria and I went to Amanda's house before the wedding to get our make-up done.
All of Zack's Family look like supermodels and we needed to attempt to fit in.

We rushed to the cathedral to attend the actual wedding.
The last time I went to a catholic wedding I was 5 so I considered it to be a new experience. 
Misty looked beautiful walking down the aisle.
I even teared up for a bit...the older I get the more emotional I seem to be.
During the wedding Victoria decided that we should get married for the financial benefits.
It was the least romantic proposal ever!
I told her I wanted a well planned proposal with a photographer to capture the moment. 
Hers definitely did not make the cut!
She ignored my request and proceeded to tell people that we were engaged all night.

After the wedding ceremony we stayed at the church to watch the wedding party get photographed.
Victoria and Kaitlyn got yelled at by the priest, because they were smoking too close to the church.
After pictures the entire wedding party and close family and friends hopped on the Party Bus.

We had a few hours before the reception so the bus drove us around Green Bay while we drank and had fun. We did stop at a bar for a round of shots and a bathroom break.
It was a lot of fun!

The bus dropped us off at a hotel near the reception hall.
That is where the majority of the people were staying, but it was slightly annoying having to walk in the rain to the reception hall.
Once we arrived I made Victoria chug water, because she went a little too hard on the bus. 
I needed her to survive the rest of the night!
There was also an unlimited supply of wine waiting to be drank.

My friend Logyn and I ran into another alumni from our high school at the reception.
It was fun comparing our experiences, because we all graduated at different times.
That school definitely did not change much!

The food was surprisingly really good...or my drunken state made me think it was really good.
I was in a major food coma for a bit afterwards and wasn't sure I was going to make it.
Anthony bombed his best man speech, because he was so fucked up, but Janna powered through and did a great job!
Victoria also managed to yell, "Fuck" in front of the same priest who caught her smoking.
The rest of the night these random people would come up to Victoria and laugh about her slip up.

Zack and Anthony's little sister Celia had a rough night.
She was also taking advantage of the free wine, but this was only the second time she had ever drank.
She was on the bathroom floor for a while, before taking a nap at one of the tables.
Eventually, her dad had to bring her home, but first she puked all over the car, which was going to be used to transport wedding supplies.
Oh to be seventeen again...
We danced a lot, but the DJ wasn't that great.
I requested the same song three different times and he said that it would be next...but it never was!
I'm sure he actually wasn't that bad of a DJ, but I was super annoyed with him.
He also stopped the music at 11:30pm even though the reception wasn't over until midnight.

After the reception we helped carry gifts to the car and helped Misty out of her wedding dress.
We then headed to a bar close by to continue on with the party.
There was a band playing their, which we enjoyed for a little while, but everyone was getting tired.
Our day drinking was catching up to everyone!

The group ended up separating, because people wanted to do different things.
Some wanted to go to bed and others wanted to continue to party at the hotel.
Victoria, Amanda, and I ended up in a car with our friend Chris who was actually heading home.
We decided to just stay with him to finish out the night.

Our night finished when my sister came to pick us up at 8 o'clock in the morning.
We didn't get any sleep and were exhausted!
I shouldn't even be surprised that we went a full 24 hours celebrating this wedding.
Congratulations Zack and Misty!
You threw a hell of a wedding.

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