Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Florida with Phillip and Ted

Florida has become my home away from home.
Victoria's family always welcomes me with open arms!
This time was no different, except Phillip and Ted joined in on the fun.

We hit up a ton of cute coffee shops(Stardust, Austin's, and the Drunken Monkey), bars (Spatz, Lil Indies, Sly Fox, Big Daddy's, Red Light Red Light), and natural springs(Wekiva and Rock Springs). It was a nice mix of our favorites and some new additions. 

Having the boys around was a blast!
We were constantly up to random shit and always up for a new adventure.
We locked the keys in the truck in the Walmart parking lot one evening.
We spent so long trying to unlock it with strings and wire, but failed.

One night we were out drinking and Victoria pissed off a lesbian.
I covered her ass by saying she was my fiance and we spent the rest of the night with this other engaged lesbian couple talking about wedding planing. Victoria's sister went a long with it and it turned out to be a really funny night!

We went drinking in downtown Orlando with our friend Lauren.
We met in elementary school and had a love/hate relationship with her.
It has turned into all love and no hate now that we are adults.
It was great grabbing a few drinks with her.
Ted interrupted the festivities by getting wasted and being kicked out of the bar, but Phillip was kind enough to drive him home so Victoria and I could stay out.
We were so drunk and at one point Victoria tried to kick me out of Orlando.
It became our inside joke the rest of the trip.

One of my favorite nights was when we sang Karaoke at Big Daddy's.
We pre-gamed hard at home and then had to act sober while dropping off Eva at Oma's house.
We thought the drop-off would be quick, but ended up having to converse with Scott for a while.
We then had to hit up so many gas stations to get enough tostidos for us, because they sounded great to all of us. We finally made it to Big Daddy's where we sang karaoke all night.
It was a night full of laughs!

I'm honestly Florida's biggest fan!
I have the greatest time whenever we go.
We don't even hit up the amusement parks!
Ted and Phillip made this trip even more special and I'm glad they came.

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