Saturday, June 17, 2017

Miami, Florida

We decided to take a day trip to Miami with the crew.
We didn't have much of a plan, but everything ended up perfect!

Our first stop was Miami Beach, which was filled with tan and very in-shape people.
It was a really beautiful beach and it felt good to dip our toes in the water. 
We then walked around and did a little shopping at the stores around the beach. 
It was such a hot day and popping in and out of the air conditioned stores was nice!
We stopped at a cute french bakery called Le Chic where we shared a baguette and got some drinks.

Our next stop was the Bayside Marketplace where we listened to a band and people watched.
There were people from all walks of life dancing to the music and it was really fun to watch!
Our last destination was the Wynwood Art District, which was my favorite part of Miami!
They took a really run down area and filled the abandoned buildings with art galleries, cute stores, and hip bars. The area was so colorful! 

There was live music and lots of food trucks to enjoy in the area as well.
We explored for a long time, before hanging out at a cafe sipping on milkshakes.
We just sat with each other and talked about our entire trip and the funny memories.
We sadly had to drop off Ted at the airport, before heading back to Orlando.
Miami was a beautiful city with so much culture!

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