Friday, June 2, 2017


Ted came to good ole' Green Bay, Wisconsin!
It was easily his favorite place to visit in the entire USA. 
We know how to show someone a good time. 

On the first day Victoria took Ted out day drinking and I met up with them a few hours later.
We had a few drinks with Victoria's dad as well!
It also happened to be Amanda's going away party that evening.
We met up at our house so Ted could get a quick nap in.
Our friend Amanda (not the one getting a going away party) had a little run in with my mom after smoking weed, which is easily one of my favorite moments that I've witnessed. 
After Ted recovered we headed over to Titletown's Rooftop for a few drinks.
Afterwards, we went to Prohibition to share a few cigars and drink some more.
It was our first time checking out that cigar lounge.
Our next stop was our favorite bar Gasoline!
We danced our asses off on the dance floor, even though it was just our group.
Ted even got up on stage and played with the band for a while!

After bar close we all went to Hannah's house where we continued to dance and drink.
We had a Topless Thursday, which was a lot of fun. 
We don't include guys that often, but it just felt right that night.

On Memorial Day we partied right on the bay. 
People managed to make kick ball a drinking game.
We spent a lot of time down on the beach, especially later on in the evening when the fire was going.
Our entertainment for the evening was the guys playing harmonica, guitar, and a bucket.
It was really great showing the Australian around Green Bay.
We can't wait to visit him soon!

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