Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lesley and Ryan's Birthday

We have a lot of cancers in our friend group, which means the summer is full of birthday celebrations! 

I had to work during the beginning of Ryan's birthday celebration, but met up with the group back at the house. They were making Mint Juleps when I arrived, which were so yummy!

Eventually, the party moved to the backyard. Ryan was struggling to start the fire so Lesley and I had to take over. His failed attempt was very entertaining! Augie and Joey entertained us with their guitar playing skills and we got to hear a few Augie originals. 

Lesley insisted that all the girls gather and go to her closet.
I thought we were going to hang out and have a few heart-to-hearts, but no she just wanted to pick out new outfits for us. 
This girl is almost 30, but still loves playing dress up!
My outfit consisted of stripped overalls with a funky top that belongs in the 80's.
It was a great way to celebrate Ryan's big day!

Lesley's birthday was a few days later. 
I always seem to have shit going on the day off my friends birthdays!
I had my NCLEX exam in the afternoon and afterwards I met up with everyone.
We drank grasshoppers,,,or more like Ryan made me chug grasshoppers. 
My parents called and asked me to meet up and get a few drinks with them so I ducked out for a while. 

When I returned everyone was ready for Round 2.
We headed to Grazi's for food and more drinks.
We were so drunk and loud talking about stuff that was not family friendly.
Our next stop was Badger State where we hung out at the beer garden.
Victoria fell in love with the dogs out there.
There was a slight beer fight, which wasted a lot of beer, but made for a lot of laughs.

Just like that we crossed off more 2017 birthdays. 

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