Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Birthday Weekend

My cousin Gina has always been one of my favorite people and the past few years Victoria and I have really bonded. Unfortunately, she lives in Minneapolis and our paths do not cross that often. So Victoria and I decided to go visit her for my birthday weekend.

I have never spent an extended period of time with her and was a bit worried about it.
The drive from Green Bay to Minneapolis was so boring! There is a lot of country driving and Victoria was hung over and slept the majority of the time. Sometimes I do not know how we managed to road trip across the US for two months.

So when we arrived Gina came out of her apartment building to greet us.
We brought our stuff into her apartment and cracked open some beers immediately. 
She introduced us to her daughter/cat, Tiny. 
Gina made her couch into a bed for Victoria and I and then we headed out to get some Indian food.
Our conversation at dinner involved us catching each other up on our lives, lots of laughs, and a few deep moments. That literally continued the entire weekend. We could have stayed in Gina's apartment the entire weekend and would not have gotten sick of each other.

We were pretty buzzed when we hit up the grocery store for orange juice and champagne.
Gina paid for dinner and Victoria and I wanted to make sure she did not pay for anything at the grocery store. So we all ran around trying to find the items we needed before Gina did.
We also had a great conversation at the check-out about our friend in England learning about her mom having anal sex. I'm sure the check-out lady loved us!

We continued to drink back at the apartment and got ready for our night out!
Gina took us to the a gay club called LUSH and we got to experience our first Burlesque show.
I've know seen a drag show, burlesque show, and have been to a ton of strip clubs. My favorite hands down would be burlesque followed very closely by drag. We were drinking vodka red bulls all night, but this club would literally hand you a glass full of vodka and a can of red bull. You needed to take a few gulps, before even being able to add the red bull. Victoria informed the host of the show that it was my birthday weekend and I was forced to go on stage and take a shot. 

By the time we left we were all so wasted.
Victoria was asking the Uber driver questions about his sex life and at one point I insisted we get out of the car, because I thought we were right in front of Gina's apartment. We were on the right street, but a few buildings away. Gina was so drunk and could not figure out what apartment building was hers, but to be fair she also just moved. We kept running back and forth attempting to find the right building and found out that we had ran past our building a few times already.
Back at Gina's we continued to drink, because what else would you do after an entire evening of drinking? We introduced Gina to Topless Thursday's and she officially became the first family member to participate. We listened to records and talked a lot. Somehow my phone recorded 15 minutes of our conversation that night. It is hard to hear everything, but the things we could hear were hilarious. We hit so many subjects in that time frame.

We of course had no plans on sleeping on Gina's couch and crawled into bed with her.
We continued to drink in her bed and giggle like little kids.
Victoria is notorious for making out with anyone and everyone when she is drunk (and sober). My family members are not off limits either, which she has proven time and time again.
At one point Gina and Victoria start making out, while I was laying right next to them.
I made a bit of a fuss, which only stopped them for a minute.
I was so drunk and decided that I should just lay on the floor and give them space.
So I literally rolled out of bed and luckily a lot of the blanket was on the ground.
I stayed on the ground until the blanket was pulled off of me and I literally army crawled out of the room. I was cold and grabbed a random shirt on my way out.

The next morning Gina came out and cuddled up next to me on the couch.
I bitched about how early it was and she asked why I was sleeping in her shirt on the couch.
I wore that shirt all weekend and even brought it back home with me.
We went back to Gina's bed and I told everyone about my adventures that night. Apparently, Gina and Victoria think it is funny when they torture me. 

We dragged ourselves to the beach that afternoon, which was really relaxing.
Gina definitely has road rage, which was entertaining. 
We brought two inflatable rafts and Victoria showed off her treading water skills.
We floated and laughed about our evening.

Later in the evening Gina took us to hang out with her group of friends.
We had met a lot of them a year ago at wedding and it was nice seeing them.
We bonded with them all once again.
We then headed out for my last night as a 21 year old.
I didn't inform Gina that it was my birthday weekend until and she couldn't believe I wanted to spend my birthday with her.
Gina first took us to the VFW, which was made up of three completely different kinds of bars.
Gina invited her friend/recent hook-up Dexa to come out.
Victoria kept calling her Desa, which was the name of someone else that Gina hooked up with.
We added that to our list of inside jokes.
I turned 22 in that bar.
Our next stop was the Country Bar, which was the actual name of a country themed bar.
Gina kept paying more attention to Dexa and Victoria was getting so pissed.
It made for some hilarious moments.

We dropped off Dexa and wanted to go to a different bar, but it was unfortunately bar close.
Our walk home was entertaining!
We kept stopping to lay in the grass and look up at the stars.
At one point a guy named Grant (Glen? Gary?) laid next to Gina.
She announced that she wanted to make out with someone and I was on her right and Glen was on her left. So my 33 year old lesbian cousin started to make out with Gary.
Gina once again decided that she was 100% a lesbian.

We finally made it back to Gina's apartment and made bloody mary's.
We hung out in Gina's bed and Victoria and Gina started making out again.
That time didn't last long and somehow Gina and I ended up on the couch and Victoria got the bed to herself.

The next morning Gina came out with a covered in cats and I was wearing a dress covered in cats.
I love hanging out with fellow crazy cat ladies.
Our walk to brunch was filled with so many good laughs!
After brunch we went to Up-Down an arcade bar to play some games.
We met a group of people and played Jenga with them.
The rest of the morning/afternoon was spent bar hopping and talking about how much we love each other.
Back at Gina's we watched Beaches and took a quick nap.
Gina had plans to go watch Game of Thrones with some friends, which she was late to, because we couldn't stop talking. Victoria and I went to get Thai food when Gina was gone. Afterwards, we went to a rooftop bar, watched the sunset, and talked about how great of a weekend we were having.

When we got back to the apartment we didn't know Gina had returned until I went to sit on her bed and sat on her inside. She had to work the next morning and was trying to sleep.
That of course didn't last and it wasn't long before we filled our glasses with wine and just laid in Gina's bed. We were all so sad about it being our last night together. We had a few heart to hearts, laughed about all our inside jokes(lemons, Was that me?, army crawl, butt massage). We finally let Gina have her bed to herself and went into the living to finish off the night.

The next morning Gina called into work, because three straight days of drinking had finally caught up to her. We said our goodbyes around noon and promised to see each other soon.
Victoria and I stopped for gas and a healthy Burger King meal.
We created a group chat with Gina and reminisced about our weekend, even though we had just left.
Victoria's. Victoria's phone screen was so cracked that she accidentally texted her boss "butt massage round 2?" She tried to fix the problem by telling her boss that the text message was meant for her roommates lesbian cousin, which of course did not make it better. That was the cherry on top of an amazing weekend!

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self about all the adventures she would be having with people she looked up to in the future. Gina's 11 years older than me and I always assumed that our age gap would prevent us from ever being close. I'm really glad that I was wrong.
Gina hates Green Bay and only comes back from Christmas, weddings, and funerals, but she promised to come visit Victoria and I in October. Which is a huge deal!
I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans we get ourselves into this time.
It was a wonderful birthday weekend spent with a few of my favorite people.

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