Saturday, July 15, 2017


Before I even started nursing school everyone brought up the NCLEX. The NCLEX is an exam every person with a nursing degree needs to pass in order to become a licensed RN. It's a computerized exam where you have to answer a certain amount of questions(minimum amount is 75 and maximum amount is 265). After completing the minimum 75 questions the exam could shut off anytime meaning you passed, failed, answered the maximum amount of questions, or ran out of time. I've been preparing to take this exam since I started nursing school. I took it on July 12th and had to answer only 75 questions, which is great, because I was already getting antsy and it also sucked, because I was sure I had failed. Two hours later while driving and using my phone as a GPS I got an email notification from the state. I knew that this email would either say I passed or fail. So being a smart health care professional I opened my email, while driving and learned that I was officially an RN!

All my hard work finally paid off and I officially have the RN initials after my name. 

Victoria was the first person I told and she of course insisted on picking me up and spinning me around, before making me take a shot. Lesley spent a lot of time chanting, "Rae passed" in between chugging her alcoholic beverages, because it was also her birthday. I called my mom who answered and said, "I'll call you back" and then proceeded to hang up right when I said I passed the NCLEX. She's the best. I did call her back eventually and we had a good laugh about the incident.

Shout out to my parents and Victoria for dealing with my craziness the past few years. 

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