Sunday, August 27, 2017

Goodbye Party

Victoria and I had a childhood friend move to Los Angeles recently.
She had a going away party, which brought out some fantastic people. 
We started with drinks at The Libertine and moved to Ned Kelly's eventually.
They had this spider-man punching game, which kept us entertained for a while. 

One of my favorite moments was when all of the girls ended up in the bathroom.
I absolutely love hanging out in the bathroom with my friends when I'm drunk.
We were all helping each other fix our make-up and throwing around compliments.

Our third destination was St. Michael's pub, which is a dive bar that is owned by this crabby old man.
I'm sure he was dying on the inside when we saw our rambunctious group walk in.
We yelled at us many times and was not thrilled about the places were we decided to have photo shoots.

Victoria and I were going to head home over St. Mikes, but got peer pressured into going to Lesley's house. Victoria and I somehow were the first ones to arrive followed by Ben. We couldn't get into the house and decided to blast music from our cars and have a dance party in the street. Sorry neighbors!

Back at Lesley's house we continued to drink and do dumb drunk stuff.
It's so hard to get everyone together and I really look to the times when certain groups of friends can get together. 

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