Sunday, August 20, 2017

Lost Dog

I came home from work one night and found Clair, Olivia, and Victoria wasted in our loft blasting music. Olivia brought her tiny dog to the party and he got to hang out with our animals for the night. Olivia just got bangs and spent a large part of the night combing them and realizing that she sweats too much for bangs. They made down a few beers and take a few shots once I arrived to help catch up to them. 
We had a dance party, before making my sister drive us to Gasoline for the night.
At Gasoline we chatted with old and new friends.
You kind of always know who you are going to run into at Gasoline, but at the same time you have no idea. At some point in the night we lost Olivia, but continued on!
We did find Amanda, which was a nice surprise!

My sister picked us up at bar close and took us to get pizza.
A guy that likes Victoria followed us there.
We tried to get rid of him, but failed in a kind of funny way. 
Why can guys never take hints? 
We finally got home and discovered that we still had Olivia's dog, but Olivia was still not around. Thank god that girl does not have a human child!

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