Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Sturgeon Bay

Victoria, Whitney, and I drove up to Sturgeon Bay where our friend Clair's parents have a boat.
Clair is also moving to Australia and it would be the last chance we had to see her.
When we arrived we could not find Clair and spent so long attempting to find her location.
We finally found her and the spider she had befriended.
We drank outside for a while and caught up with each others lives, while waiting for the arrival of Erin. I even started a fire for us in the fire place at the place we were waiting.
I was pretty proud of myself.

After a few hours we finally made it to the actual boat.
We mainly hung out on the dock, until the sun started to set.
It was beautiful hanging out on the boat, while the sun was setting.
After wards, we decide to find a place to eat and Clair insisted a restaurant was within walking distance. Technically it was within walking distance, but it felt like a very long walking distance.
We then had to wait a bit before we got seated.

The restaurant was nice, but there was no music playing.
We took care of that.
There was also a cat running around that grabbed our attention for a while.
The walk back felt a lot faster.
A tiny dog tried to attack our group in the dark, which was slightly terrifying.
Our goodbyes were sad, but I'm glad we got to spend such a wonderful day together.

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