Monday, October 23, 2017

Gina's Visit

Victoria and I went to visit Gina in Minneapolis this past July
It was such a fantastic weekend and during it we convinced Gina to come and visit us in Green Bay.
Everyone knows Gina only returns to Green Bay for Christmas, weddings, and funerals.
So this was a big deal for us.

She arrived Friday evening and had dinner with her parents, sister, brother-in-law, and nephews.
Victoria and I then got invited to go and have drinks over at Gina's parents house(aka my aunt and uncles). We began right where we left off, which means we made fun of each other and laughed out our inside jokes, while everyone else seemed to be confused. At the end of the night we tucked Gina into bed and headed home.

The next day Victoria, Olivia, my mom, and I woke up early for our cities first ever Cafe Crawl!
The cafe's/coffee shops in our downtown area were providing free samples and a trolley was driving people from place to place. There was also the Saturday farmers market in that area, which we walked through. We had a ton of fun and had plenty of caffeine.

We then headed home to change and meet up with Gina.
I stayed behind while Victoria went with Olivia.
When Gina arrived I told my mom to go outside and greet her by saying that Victoria and I weren't even home yet. I got some really mean texts from Gina, before she walked inside and saw me standing there. 

We all hopped in my moms car and headed to White Dog Black Cat for lunch and bloody mary's.
It took us 30 minutes to arrive, because my mother kept having to stop at places.
At one point she regretted not getting flowers at the farmers market. So she drove slowly down the street that the Farmers Market was on to see if anyone left any behind. We found a carrot, which my mother wanted me to grab. I didn't. Lunch was a lot of fun. At one point my mother mentioned that she had better boobs than me. After lunch my mom left us and we headed to The Cannery for another drink. It was literally down the street and Olivia kept pulling into the wrong drive-way and made it so complicated! It was very entertaining.  We finally headed back to the loft where we spent a few hours catching up and continuing to day drink. We were finding the stupidest shit funny. 

After having a family dinner we headed downtown. We started the night at the Libertine and C Street. After a few drinks we headed to Gasoline, which was surprisingly pretty empty. There was a band playing and there was 2-3 other people watching the band, besides our group. The four of us brought out our white girl dance moves and took over the dance floor. I'm sure we looked ridiculous, but we were having the time of our lives dancing and laughing. I ran into one of my co-workers who just started working where I work. I gave her a big hug and had some sort of conversation with her. She was definitely not expecting to see me that drunk. Oh well! We were so fucked up and decided we wanted to be around more people so we took an uber to another bar, which was even more empty. So we walked to our least favorite strip of bars, but they at least had people. I ran into my nursing school friend Emily, which was nice. We only stayed out for a little while longer, before having my little sister pick us up.

Back at the loft we sat in a circle and told each other what we loved about each other.
Gina and I wrestled. She's a black belt and I wanted to see if I could take her down.
I did. To be fair she stopped taking karate 15 years ago and she's like 5 feet tall and 90 lbs. I don't tell people that part when I mention I beat a black belt. 
Of course we had a topless Saturday, which is our end of night activity. 
We danced and listened to some really great music, before people started to fall asleep.
I could not fall asleep and my tossing and turning was driving Gina crazy!

The next morning we dragged our butts out of bed and went tailgating at the Packers game.
It was so cold!
Gina got to meet a lot of our friends.
We decided to go into the bars during the game, because we were cold.
I think we watched a few seconds of the game.
We spent a lot of time just talking with each other and acting ridiculous.
After the game my sister drove me, Victoria, Gina, Ali, Amanda, and Kevin to Ali's house.

Amanda wanted to paint our boobs again and Gina got to participate. 
Kevin was the official photographer and we posed for so many pictures. 
He was so drunk and they turned out awful even though he thought he was doing such a good job.

Kevin: Do you guys mind if I take my pants off? I feel like that would be the fair thing to do.
Victoria: Kevin I see your penis all the time( This is a very true statement). Do whatever you want.
Gina: I haven't seen a penis in person in so long.
Kevin: (takes pants off)
Gina: Yep, they still look the same.
Kevin: You know you're gay when your dick is soft when you're surrounded by beautiful topless women.
Gina to me and Victoria: I love your friends. 

We took an Uber back to the loft and decided to have a movie night.
Our movie of choice was Hocus Pocus!
Gina and Victoria did not help me at all prepare for movie night.
I had to carry the tv up two flights of stairs and figure out how to connect my laptop to it.
Once I figured that shit out we cuddled on the couch with wine.
When my mom got home she came upstairs and started to tell us stories about her 20s.
It was a lot of fun. 
She wanted to see our painted boobs so we all showed her without even flinching.
It was a really great ending to a wonderful weekend.
Gina left early the next morning.

I love all the unique people that we have in our lives.
I especially loved introducing one of my favorite family members to them.
It's really great seeing people you love bond with other people that you love. 

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