Monday, October 2, 2017

Sunday Funday

Victoria and I decided to take a Sunday off of work and have a Sunday Funday.
We first stopped at Starbucks to pick up our basic white girl Pumpkin Spice Latte's and our friend Heather was working. We made ourselves look like idiots and held up the drive-thru line talking about recent vintage clothing finds. 
While driving away we saw a bumper sticker that said, " Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats." We made that our motto for the day, because we are the daughters that would date a democrat and our fathers would not be pleased. 
While waiting for Alli to arrive we poured booze into our latte's and drank wine out of champagne glasses.We then headed out to pick some apple's! The Apple Orchard was filled with families with small children and we definitely stood out. We asked one of the families to take a picture of us hanging out on logs and they questioned why we would want we picture on them with piles of dirt in the background. At one point Lesley had to pee and decided to go behind one of the piles of dirt to pee, which would have been a private area, but apparently that is where the tractor pulling the wagon turns around. Our state of panic was hilarious when we realized we couldn't save Lesley from being exposed.

After we gathered our apples we went to get lunch and mimosa's!
My nursing school friend was bartending and it was nice to catch up with her.
Alex and Whitney just happened to be at the same bar and joined us.
Afterwards, we picked up cans of Four Locos and headed back to Lesley's house.
We needed a designated driver at this point and recruited my little sister. 
She picked us up and we headed to a park to watch some of the guys play bike polo.
We are classy ladies who drink out of brown paper bags.
We are such role models.

After the game a group of us headed to a restaurant for beer and pizza.
Our group has a hot mess at this point and get separated for a brief period of time.
A few of us headed to Lesley's house and everyone else headed to another bar.
We finally reunited and got super into a game of Heads Up, until Ryan kicked us out, because we were being too loud while we was trying to sleep. Lame.
Victoria and I got into a fight on the way home and proceeded to wrestle and cuddle. 
Which is our way of saying we love each other, but are still mad. 
It was such a great Sunday funday and a perfect start of October!

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