Thursday, December 14, 2017

Just a few things...

1. Shawn left good ole' geebs and headed off on a U.S. road trip. He's Victoria's "man" friend as my mother would say.Victoria and I are super jealous, because we had such an amazing time on our own U.S. road trip. The few weeks before he left we had a lot of great times. He introduced us to this bar that had its prime long before any of us were around called the Razz Ma Tazz. I really hated that bar and the environment when he first introduced us, but it holds a few really good memories now. One night Shawn, Victoria, and I were at Liv's apartment. We had plans to go out, but ended up staying in and dancing in the kitchen to all the popular line dances you would hear at weddings like the YMCA, Cupid Shuffle, Cotton Eyed Joe, Cha Cha Slide, etc. Looking back it's a little embarrassing, but we were having so much fun and not caring how dumb we were being. I went out with Victoria and Shawn the night before Thanksgiving...Drinksgiving. We got so fucked up and danced the night away. My sister picked us up and I ended up losing my keys for two weeks. I found them in a plant...I should probably water those more often. Thanks for the good memories.
Good luck on your adventures, Shawn! 

2. Victoria and I had a Sunday funday a few weeks ago. We both worked in the morning and probably should have been saving money, but instead we decided to drink it away. Victoria made me drink 3 drinks and 1 shot in 15 minutes for I could catch up to her. Amanda O. met up with us and we bar hopped the rest of the day. Amanda ended up falling about half way into the evening and was complaining about how much her fingers hurt. The next day she went to Urgent Care and found out she fractured three of her fingers. Oops!

3. This was a random picture I found on my phone. Victoria and I were dog/house sitting this past weekend. We love Blake and Michael, but their house is disgusting. It has so much potential, except they treat it like a frat house. One night Victoria and I solved a lot of the worlds problems and this photo was taken. We also watched A Cinderella Story, which we hadn't done in years. What a great movie! 

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